Monday, February 4, 2013

short and sweet update on life

Hey everyone,
I am sad to say my spider skirt is still sitting on my ironing board.
It's just begging for a zipper insertion and I haven't been able to get to it.

On January 18th I was able to take a long lunch and get my '57 Chevy Bel Air tattoo.

 photo 000_0005-2_zps25862b1f.jpg

It is just the way I pictured it! I love all the details.
As I always say.... my artist never lets me down!
Even the color is the exact same as the Barbie Bel Air I had when I was a kid.
Here is an action shot during the tat. I had such a kink in my neck from laying like this. But it was so worth it:
 photo 000_0003-3_zpsaa41aa92.jpg

and just after it was done with Alex, my artist:
 photo 000_0006-2_zps180297e4.jpg

Besides getting my new ink and staring at my almost finished skirt, I have been going nuts with school. This will be my first semester having on site clinicals and I have been getting poked, prodded, and tested to make clearance to be accepted as a student in a hospital.
I am already planning all my long sleeve outfits and have bought black hair dye to go back to natural for the professional world.
I haven't even dyed my hair yet and I already miss my pink... oh well. One day when school is done and I am still working from home, should I decide I still want crazy hair, then I can go nuts without worrying about professionalism.
I guess only time will tell about my hair...
So I still don't have my clinicals schedule. I hope to find out by next week.
*fingers crossed* that I get sent to the VA
My school schedule so for doesn't affect my work schedule. I know it will get crazy when clinicals start so I will enjoy this while I can. While I have "free time" I am trying to get as ahead as I can in my classes and assignments so it will be better later.
I had to buy a rolling backpack... one thing I swore I was way too cool for.
It's that or hurt my back and shoulders lugging these big boys around
 photo 000_0009_zps5bef55f5.jpg
I just realized I am a few days over due for tearing a link off my countdown chain but I am done with my alotted time to blog and will have to take care of it tomorrow.

Now, off to write a paper about who I am for my Speech class

Catch you later alligators!
Lily Bean