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Not sure where exactly to begin... so why not at the beginning?
I was born on August 5th which makes me a Leo. I don't follow the zodiac religiously but find most descriptions of leos fit me pretty well. I am also a Tiger and Fire... my parents should have considered the stars before creating a stick of dynamite =P
i am the middle child with an older and younger brother, so i grew up a little rough around the edges.
when i was a little girl my grandma showed me how to sew by hand. the first major project i had pride in was a pillow that i quilted and embroidered "welcome" for my baby cousin when she was born. i must have been 8 or so. wish i had a picture of it.
i always had a "craft box" full of anything i could get my hands on that i could use to create.
when i was 15 i enrolled in Cosmetology school. I have always been obssessed with hair and make-up. I used to do the cheerleaders hair before rallies and games and all my friends hair before dances. i am indeed a "beauty school dropout" (just call me frenchy =P) but i made it far enough to learn how to do my own hair. I dropped out half way throught he program when i was 16 and life became too overwhelming. i had no choice at the time and often regret not finishing and wonder how that could have changed my life...
i was given a sewing machine for Christmas when i was 17. i tried to make one shirt, got super intimidated and then put it away. over the years i was buying fabric, notions, and how-to sewing books but too scared to do anything with them. Christmas 2010 i could not afford to give gifts to all the people on my list and decided it was time to dust off the machine. i made everyone these little potpourri bags
after that my addiction took over me and i started this blog to chronicle my progress.
this past year i was given a "how to knit" kit for my birthday and round knitting looms for Christmas. I also stocked up on some yarn and signed up for a crochet class online.

im expanding horizons and aiming to find the white-picket fence in my future, i have also taken on the task of learning to cook. every weekend i have volunteered myself to cook for the family. it gives them a break from spoiling me and helps me gain confidence in the kitchen. i really am starting from scratch there because i am known for burning eggs and serving shells.
i love animals and have 2 dogs, 1 bunny, and a hedgehog.
i am currently enrolled in college for my RHIT degree (maybe 2 more years). with that i would be able to manage a medical records department. i really am just aiming to be a medical coder but went for the degree plan to be worth more $$.
i love vintage and retro styles and love tattoos!
i (currently) have 6, 3 on my back and 3 on my arms
this was my first tat, a turtle on my right front wrist. i have a terrible fear of needles and was terrified when i went to get this done! was so glad to find that the pain was not nearly as bad as i had expected.
and then the addiction to ink began... the next tat i got was this symbolic butterfly on my left shoulder blade. i wanted that "guardian angel on my shoulder" but did not want what everyone had. so i placed an egyptian eye to watch my back. (i like all things ancient egypt. but i found out after the fact that the eye of horus is said to ward off jealousy) i made the tip of the wings flames because i am a fire in the chinese element zodiac and placed a big heart in the bottom wing for love.
this way by far my most expensive piece because i  went to Hart and Huntington
my next one was this silhouette of a moon faerie. she is on my right shoulder blade 
next came my cartoon style hedgehog on my left front wrist. dontcha wanna tickle his chubby little belly! 
this mermaid is my biggest piece (so far). it is on my lower back. isnt she gorgeous!
and this is my latest. it is a memorial tattoo and is explained here. 
if i had more money i would have more ink... hoping to get a new piece when i get my tax refund (next few months...) i want sleeves and to cover my back. i would consider other placements if it feels right for the piece i am getting

i think that just about sums my story up... the rest is still unwritten
we'll see what happens when the next page is turned...

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