Saturday, July 23, 2011

vintage finds! oh my!

WOWWIE! so i found a local girl on craiglist who was selling some vintage patterns (dirt cheap by the way... only $2! holy crap! right?) so anyhow, i met her on the other side of town to make the exchange and came up on an estate sale where I found 2 original McCalls magazines in great condition for $1.

I came home so excited!! I have already peeked around the magazines (which are in great condition) and couldnt help but laugh at how much life and the world have changed. The pictures are inspiring and the articles are amusing.

Check out my awesome finds...

McCall's Christmas 1969

McCall's December 1967

Simplicity 6757
nightgown in 2  lengths, scarf, and bloomers
circa 1966
originally 50cents

Simplicity 4214
nightgown and robe
circa early 1960s
originally 60cents

McCall's 2389
bra, bikini, half slip, full slip (lingerie wardrobe)
circa 1970
originally 85cents

Simplicity 8153
2 piece bathing suit, hiphugger pants, and top
printed 1969
originally 75cents

Simplicity 4513
"Jiffy" Blouses (1 yard or less)
circa early 1960s
orginally 45cents

Butterick 4389
one piece dress
circa 1966
originally 65cents

McCall's 3133
circa 1972
originally $1.25

Butterick 4604
one piece dress
circa 1969
originally 65cents

Simplicity 7262
cape in 2 lengths and skirt
circa 1967
originally 75cents

and last but not least...

McCall's 5953
circa 1961
originally 50 cents

wow! i am more than excited to get the ball rolling on these!
when i read the magazines i will share funny and inspiring things with you all.
i plan on buying some more patterns next check =D
which is you favorite??

<3 Lily Bean

Thursday, July 14, 2011

only UFOs right now

ugh! i have not finished a things lately
not for lack of time... but these last few days have been decent weather with the rain and wind so me and the pups spent alot of time playing outside. by the time they are done with me i am done hahaha.

so, just writing to update you on what i am up to...

still need to make my daddy's father's day tie... oops =/

i started making a dress from new look 6457. this is my very first attempt at clothing from a commercial pattern so i am learning alot. i finished the bodice the other night and then when i "tried it on" it is about 2 inches too small... how the heck did it come out small hahaha. i followed directions to a T and expected it to be big. so i have to cut a bigger size and start from the beginning. the good news is the instructions are pretty easy to follow so far.

i just finished cutting the pieces to make my tia another hat. especially when she is on chemo she needs to change hats every day so she needs at least 7. maybe if i  manage to peel myself from this bed, then maybe i will finish that tonight. if not then i will finish tomorrow and watch a movie tonight.

i cut the pattern to make a felt flower pin  for my tia's flapper hat

my friend is starting to set up a facebook for my business to start to bloom

as soon as i have anything done i will have pix for you all

the weather has been terribly hot and this drought is terrible... ahhhh the desert life! but it finally rained and rained all night last night.
 i sure miss the coast life of good ole SoCal. i would give anything to just watch the waves crash from a pier right now

till next time... Lily Bean

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

cupcakes for my sweet heart

i finished another chemo hat for my aunt <3
this one is simplicity 2429 as well. the one that is somewhat turbin style

i must say i think this one is my favorite so far... not sure if its the cupcakes though hahah

i embellished it with 2 buttons stacked where the "tie" ends

my goal is to make her at leats 8 hats... and after that i hope to continue to make some more and donate to cancer centers for other patients

p.s. she came home again today! yahoo!!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

my newfound pattern obsession

holy cow! after successfully using my first commercial pattern i feel my world has opened up!
i have no idea why i had such a huge fear to start hahah =P

i have been collecting a few patterns while i dreamt of the day i would no longer fear them
and i also grabbed a few new ones today (99cents at joanns, happy independence day to me)

i now have a decent collection to begin with

here is a small introduction to my fashion world...

i have already started making a list of  more to buy when each brand goes on 99cents sale again
time to go make my aunt another hat =D

Saturday, July 2, 2011

it has been a looooooong month, but i am back =D

well it has been way too long since i have had a chance to craft! i swear i was going through massive withdrawals! but the last month of my life has been more than overwhelming

good thing is i aced my summer biology course (yay)

so i am trying to get back to a normal crafting schedule. yesterday i washed a load of new fabric and i cant wait to put it all to use.

i have finally set aside my terrible fear of commercial patterns!
i used simplicity 2494 to make my tia a hat since she is losing her hair to chemo

she loved it! i used old fabric for my first try because i had no faith in myself. but it came out great! all that i need to do it felt a flower for the embellishment but my tia wanted to start wearing it already so that can wait

so now i have gained some confidence in commercial patterns and can start advancing to more difficult things. this open up so much for me!

and lastly on a side note, here is some pics of the purse that i made for my friend 2 months ago (i never did get to post the pics until now, i apologize)

anyhow, it feels good to be back! thanks for sticking with me through the slow times
<3 Lily Bean
p.s. for those of you who have blogs i follow: i have had trouble posting comments for weeks and have no idea what to do about it. but i promise i have been checking out your posts =D