ME from A-Z

A. age:25

B. bed size: twin and queen

C. chore you hate: cleaning critter cages

D. dogs: 
Australian Shephard Theodora aka Thea and Black Lab Penelope aka Penny

E. essential start to your day: big breakfast and dessert coffee 

F. favorite color: PINK

G. gold or silver: silver

H. height: 5'1"
Good things come in small packages 

I. instruments you play: only musical talent is my off key voice that I am never afraid to use 

J. job title: 
professional: Unbilled Coordinator
unofficial: seamstress, craftster, hair dresser 

K. kids: only my animals. you have seen the pups
i also have an albino bunny named Pinky
 and a hedgehog named Pokey

L. live: in West Texas yeehaw

M. maiden name: still my last name 

N. nicknames: I have gone by so many nicknames my whole life.
my main ones (currently) are gordy and bean 

O. overnight hospital stays: i stayed with my tia the night of her first chemo,
but none for myself 

P. pet peeve: passing judgement 

Q. quote: "Living Well is the Best Revenge"
This has gotten me through so many tough times 

R. righty or lefty: right

S. siblings: 2 brothers
I'm the monkey in the middle

T. time you wake up: work days around 6 weekends around 9 

U. university attended: no university, lucky i can afford community college 

V. vegetables you dislike: i love veggies!!! haven't found one i dislike 

W. what makes you run late: i'm usually pretty prompt but then few choice times i'm late would be probably due to not having anything to wear (silly for me i know lol)

X. x-rays you’ve had: teeth (HATE those xrays) and left hand ring finger (broke it in 2001) 

Y. yummy food: anything Italian or dessert 

Z. zoo animal favorite: being an animal lover it is quite hard to choose.
i love zoos and aquariums