Saturday, August 27, 2011

update on recent purchases...

Hey everyone, I am so sorry that I have been terrible at blogging... life has taken alot of time lately and i have spent some time figuring out my time managment. Have no fear it is slowly starting come together and i should be sewing more soon.
School started... almost a thousand dollars later and i am a week into my 2 classes: anatomy physiology 1 and intro to sociology.
i have been trying to fit in time to sew for art in the park but the past week was more than hectic and i think i sewed like 10 lines... boooooo! i miss it!

so today, in need of a study break, i was able to snap some pix for you all.

2 weeks ago, when i came home from work my family was watching a singer machine on HSN. i tried to ignore it but they kept urging me to watch. they sewed right through 12 layers of denim and i was SOLD! wow! so on impulse i am now the proud owner of a singer heavy duty <3
no regrets

isnt she gorgeous!!!

also, i met back up with girl from craigslist and snagged 10 more vintage patterns for $20

Simplicity 7983
dress with 3 different sleeve variations
circa 1968
originally 75cents

Simplicity 8234
dress, mini dress, tunic, and bell bottoms
circa 1969
originally 75cents

Simplicity 7019
jacket, skirt, blouse, capris, and pants
circa 1967
originally 75cents

Simplicity 9253
dress, tunic, and pants
circa 1971
originally $1

Simplicity 7910
nightgown in 3 lengths with bloomers
circa 1968
originally 76cents

Butterick 4102
dress with 2 sleeve variations
circa mid 1960s
originally 65cents

McCall's 3210
tunic and pants for knits
circa 1972
originally 90cents

McCall's 3361
dress, tunic, and pants for knits
circa 1972
original price unknown

this one seems to be a rare find. i have researched it a little and cannot find any information. i do know it is by McCall's and the Tabasco brand (... yes, the hot sauce) but not really sure why these entities got together for a dress or what year. anyhow, i have it now =D

and my favorite of this bunch... makes me think of an elegant ballerina
Simplicity 55333
blouse and skirt in 2 lengths
circa 1968
originally 65cents

next time i get a decent break i will show you the purses and wallets i have made for art in the park =p thanks for hanging with me

the study bug... Lily Bean

Saturday, August 13, 2011

whistle while you work...

Hey everyone... wow! i have been a super busy bee!!!
ok, for starters...

1) those who are wondering what ever happened to the dress i started: i hit a bump in the road with the fit and will finish when i get my dress form. this brings me into both #2 and 3:

2) i got enough birthday money to get a dress form! yay!!!!!! i should have it in 2 weeks or so and then i can continue my wardrobe and playing with all those awsome patterns ive purchased

3) i have decided to start using more jersey knit until i figure out sizing better... knits are much more forgiving that weaves with their stretchy powers hahah

4) my baby penelope is now 4 months old, has 4 big dog teeth, and weighs over 30 pounds already! holy cow right?!?! her and theadora are going to take the same dose medicine... at least until penny outgrows the dose =P she had her wellness exam today and will be getting fixed in a few weeks =)

5) me and my friend are working on opening an online store for my items (you can fnd it on facebook: Lily Bean Boutique, but please remember it is definitely a work in progress and still under construction). i hope to kick that off in 3 weeks or so

and last but not least... the most exciting news!!!
6) i have a booth for "art in the park". i have exactly 6 weeks from today to make all my crafts. it is hard to create with my full time job and my mini ark of animals (if you didn't know, i have 4 rabbits, a hedgehog, a hamster, and 2 dogs). to top it off i start school a week from monday. =/
so here are my plans if all goes as i hope:
i want to make my small/medium size totes and matching cosmetic pouches, snack bags, wallets, and aprons. i will also make some hair flair and maybe just a few of my large totes.
i have enough fabric that i only needed to buy velcro and zippers (yay for hoarding)

these next few weeks will be interesting, who needs sleep anyway? wish me luck. if all goes well at the craft fair i will grow more confidence in an online store and may actually get a business license and make this a permanent idea.

what have you been up to? anyone else scrambling with days left until school?

all my love.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to my sweet momma Bertie!

well... her birthday isn't technically until Saturday but I sent out her gift today, hooray!
it is my very first embroidery masterpiece =P

my fingers are killlllling me! but it was so worth it! such a labor of love and i am more than pleased. i have learned some as i progressed and see where i have much room for improvement. but what matters most is i know bertie is going to adore it <3

i only took 2 progress shots. since it was my first one i concentrated much more on the actual piece than progress pics. plus i needed to make it in time to send it to SoCal and get it there by Saturday.

heres the finished piece. i sewed up a cute little bow to hide the screw and bolt on the hoop, as well as ribbon to hang it.

and to hide my knots in the back i glued some felt

whatcha think? i think i wanna embroider more =D