Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reflecting on 2011... Welcoming 2012

Wow! another year has come and gone and here i sit with only hours before 2012 arrives...
i have gone through so much change, good and bad, this past year. I have also learned so much about myself, my life direction, and my crafting.

So, I wanted to begin this post with reflecting on the past 12 months... I have gained and lost, lived and learned..

I started my blog at the beginning of last year as a place to showcase my progress in sewing. I have gained so much knowledge and confidence through the support of my family, friends, and blog followers. i have learned that its okay to try and fail as long as you learn what to do different when you try again. i had many sales to people i know, and my first public sale at art in the park. there is no feeling like seeing someone so happy to go home with something you made! this blog has since expanded into a showcase for style, knitting, and also life.
as you all know i got a new puppy to add to my family: my black lab penny who is a huge part of my heart! with that i learned that not all pups have the same personality, not all are as easy to train, but they are just a loveable. she has given me quite a ride since coming home, but i wouldn't change it for the world. getting thea to accept penny in her territoy was a bit of trouble at first but now they are inseparable!

here is baby penny, about the size of thea's head on her first day at her new home.

and here is mischief and trouble, just a few weeks ago. penny is now thea's size and at night i have to feel their fur to know who jumped in my bed.

i lost the mommy of my life, my tia after a short and hard-faught battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma
its is still hard to believe that she is sick, let alone that she is gone. but i am so greatful for all the love, knowledge, and memories she gave to me!
here we are, wrapping gifts together just last Christmas
life will never be the same without her, but i am so lucky to have had her while i did. she never had a little girl so i was quite spoiled. she taught me how to crochet, knit, embroider, and some mending skills. but most importantly she taght me how to laugh, live and love. she made me a better, stronger woman than i could ever imagine becoming. i made her proud, and will continue to hold her honor high as i continue to grow into my own.

I continue to hold my 4.0 in school and start up again in 2 weeks. I will be taking Anatomy/Physiology2 this semester. My first time ever with afternoon classes. Since I started working from home in November I can now go to school any time of day. Hooray for no night school this semester!

my wardrobe now consists mainly of my own creations. creations with i chronicled here. i had fails and struggles but in the end i am so happy with everything i wear that is my own. it is a whole new sense of pride in one's self! and now i am really trying to practice and perfect knitting and crochet.

i have overcome many fears and gained new confidence in my skills. i am ready to go into this new year placing more fears aside and gaining new skills and confidence.
i am prepared for new challenges as i make my way into the world of commercial patterns. you will see new things here as the blog gets expanded to so many aspects of my life.
thanks for sticking with me through the last year!
here's to life!
here's to happiness!
here's to good times!
here's to love!
here's to 2012!
Lily Bean

i will be more vintage-house-dress, less jeans-and-t-shirt. i will brush and style my hair instead of a messy ponytail everyday. i will put more care into my appearance even when i have no where to go.

Friday, December 30, 2011

fabric pattern weights and a Happy New Year

only one more crafting day left in 2011 <3
in a discussion at i mentioned my goal of using more commercial patterns in 2012. one of the ladies directed me to a different post where someone had made pattern weights.
i followed the tutorial and made 8 tonight. i will make more eventually if i find i need more to cut my pattern pieces.
i had everything i needed to make these on hand, right down to the beans! and it only took about 10 minutes.

i have been working hard trying to prepare for my New Year's Resolution:

last night i pulled every article of clothing i own out of my drawers and closet and decided what is fine to keep, great to upcycle, needs mending, and ready to be donated. i have significantly reduced my tshirt drawer, my first big step towards my goal. i have been playing with make-up practicing new looks and techniques.  i have been brushing and styling my hair. i am so ready to grow up and excited to keep this resolution!

Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year!
Lily B

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A (little after) Christmas post

I had meant to post on Christmas eve...
Then tried on Christmas...
It came and went in a flash and I barely have a moment now to finally post
*wipes sweat off brow*

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! Mine went well... but I'm still not done! Ugh!
I still have yet to finish 3 ties (dad, little bro, and bempa) and i have 5 packages to send to California still.

I finished my baby sister's gift moments before she was due to come by. Last year I had made her a purse and when she opened the box and saw it all folded up she squealed "an apron!". We laughed so hard when she pulled it out. so this year i made her an apron and matching potholders

Since I was a good girl all year, Santa brought me a "Knifty Knitter" loom to make knit caps. I got right to it and made 3! 1 pink, 1 green, and 1 pink and green stripes.

I obviously only had pink and green yarn on hand hahaha. But with all these end of year sales I plan on stocking up some

I also got this totally awesome "Salon Express" tool to "stamp' designs on to you nails.
I had already played with it once before taking pictures, please forgive the metallic purple stains
you place a stamp plate in the set, paint the design you want with polish, use the scraper to remove the excess, then use the stamp to pick up the image and roll it on to your nail.

here are the stamp sets it came with. i can't wait to try them all! i naturally went straight for the checkers <3

what was your favorite gift to give or receive?

Happy New Year
Can't wait to see what 2012 holds for us!
Lily B

Monday, December 19, 2011

5 days left until Christmas... =/

holy smokes... only 5 days left until Christmas
i regret every moment of procrastination! but, as you all know, these last few months have been a bit overwhelming so my loved ones understand. i already warned my family that is out of state that my gifts will not be shipped until after Christmas

i have discovered that making the ties is not as hard as i had expected, but pretty time consuming... i have 4 already about half way done. i have decided to put those aside and wrap up my twins gift (i won't write what in case she peeks. but i promise you will have pix after) and 4 more kitchen sets. all that should take 2-3 days taking my working day into consideration. then i will have all local gifts complete in time.

i am crashing hard now and am ready to fall over asleep
have a good night my lovelies
isn't this cookie almost too cute to eat
muah ha ha ha

Sunday, December 18, 2011

last minute christmas crafting =P

i have been a busy bee with so many things going on this time of year
for starters, i have been more than obsessed with researching all things vintage preparing myself for my personal challenge and New Years Resolution. i have looked up all things hair, make-up, and clothing from my favorite decades. i do enjoy the 20s, 30s, 60s, and 70s but i am obsessed with the 40s and 50s

i almost have my room in order from all the recent changes ive made and i rather like the way it is coming together. i will snap some pix when i feel i have it under control.

and of course, there is Christmas coming... already a week away! eeek!
i have decided all ladies get kitchen sets and all guys get ties.
i have yet to cut fabric for the ties, im terrible, i know. i was so ready to make them, just got itimidated for some reason... either way i have a week to bust out 6 ties. (wish me luck)
i did make tons of kitchen sets but sold some at the sale i just had. i need to make 4 more. i have everything cut i just need to run by Joanns for the heat resistant filling (tomorrow).

so here are some pix for your viewing pleasure of kitchen sets, wallets, and hairbows ive recently made:

its hard to pic a favorite, but i am partial to the watermelon potholders and nautical wallet myself
do you have a fave?

<3 LB

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas sale season is on

Had a sale today, just in time for Christmas.
It was a success and I really enjoyed hosting.
My potholder sets were a bigger hit than I had expected.
Here are a few table shots:

I layered my aprons on my dressform as a display. To my suprise I sold the candy corn Halloween one... the one thing I almost didn't bring out since it's not the right season. Glad I did anyway

I was up until 2 last night sewing and I am more than beat right now.
Sorry to keep this so short and sweet but I am in need of some beauty sleep.
Tomorrow my cousin is coming over to attempt and teach me to cook a meal... i really am hopeless in the kitchen so this should prove interesting. He is a chef considering going back to learn to teach culinary arts and I promised to be his first challenge.
Wish me luck

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

it started as a "25 in 2012" project list... then i got carried away

so as you now know, my New Year's Resolution involves challenging myself in fashion and appearance. as i sat thinking of what projects to make my 25 in 2012 crafting list, i got totally lost in my patterns and plans for a new wardrobe.
some of which will just take a day, and others that will definitely take some time and practice. i do not necessarily expect myself to accomplish the whole list because that averages 4 days/project and it just won't work with my work and school schedules involved. but i will do my best to work off as much as i can and try to do most with whatever fabric and notions i'm already hoarding

so here i present to you my 85 IN 2012 PROJECT LIST:

1.       Pet towels laundry bag
2.       Lingerie laundry bag
3.       Heater cover

4.       Knit coffee cup cozy
5.       Knit scarf
6.       Knit sweater
7.       Knit sweater
8.       Knit headband

9.       Quilt for my bed
10.   Nintendo quilt for nephews
11.   Set of 2 Nintendo controller pillow cases
12.   Set of 4 throw pillow for my futon
13.   Fabric hair rollers
14.   Sock monkey
15.   Felt stuffie
16.   Bat wings hair bow
17.   Up-cycle white shoes
18.   Up-cycle black penny loafer shoes
19.   Bath mat
20.   Set of 4 Placemats

21.   Mugrug
22.   Hand muff from faux fur
23.   Shirred dress
24.   Shirred tunic
25.   Knit cap purple
26.   Knit cap turquiose
27.   Tree skirt
28.    Set of 4 coasters
29.   Vintage pattern  Butterick 4604 view A dress short puff sleeve dress
30.   Vintage pattern  McCall’s 3210 view D short sleeve knit tunic and shorts
31.   Vintage pattern  McCall’s 3133 view B dress short sleeve knit dress
32.    Vintage pattern  McCall’s 5953 view A dress ¾ length  dress
33.   Vintage pattern  Simplicity 7262 view 1 cape
34.   Vintage pattern  Butterick 4389 view B 3/4 sleeve dress
35.   Vintage pattern  Butterick 4389 view C sleeveless dress
36.   Vintage pattern  McCall’s 2389 view A bikini and half slip
37.   Vintage pattern   McCall’s 2389 view B full short slip
38.   Vintage pattern  Simplicity 4214 view 2 robe
39.   Vintage pattern  Simplicity 6757 view 3 nightshirt and bloomers
40.   Vintage pattern  Simplicity 4513 view 2 summer blouse
41.   Vintage pattern  Simplicity 4513 view 3 summer blouse
42.    Vintage pattern  Simplicity 8153 shirt and shorts
43.   Vintage pattern  Simplicity 8153 shirt and pants
44.   Vintage pattern  cookery shift
45.    Vintage pattern  Simplicity 5533 view 2 blouse and skirt
46.   Vintage pattern  McCall’s 3361 view A long sleeve dress
47.    Vintage pattern  Butterick 4102 view B ¾ sleeve dress
48.    Vintage pattern  Simplicity 7910 view 3 nightgown and bloomers
49.   Vintage pattern  Simplicity 9253 view 1 short sleeve dress
50.   Vintage pattern  Simplicity 7019 skirt and jacket
51.   Vintage pattern  Simplicity 8234 view 1 long sleeve dress
52.   Vintage pattern  Simplicity 8234 view 5 sleeveless dress

53.   Vintage pattern  Simplicity 7983 view 2 long sleeve dress
54.   New Look 6457 View B  tube top knee length dress
55.   New Look 6457 view C halter knee length dress
56.   New Look 6480 view A corset
57.   New Look 6678 view b short sleeve blouse view B

58.   Retro pattern Butterick 5209 view b short sleeve ’47 dress
59.   Retro pattern Butterick 5605 view C short sleeve ‘56 dress open back
60.   Retro pattern Simplicity 3833 view D sleeveless 60s dress
61.   Retro pattern Butterick  4790 view A cap sleeve 2-tone ’52 dress
62.   Retro pattern Butterick 4790 view B cap sleeve ’52 dress
63.   Retro pattern Simplicity 3688 40s pant suit

64.   Retro pattern Simplicity 2154 60s skirt suit
65.   Retro pattern Simplicity 4044 40s skirt suit
66.   Simplicity 2183  bolero view c short sleeve
67.   Simplicity 2364 view c short sleeve shirt
68.   Simplicity 2364 view f asymmetrical 1 short sleeve shirt
69.   Simplicity 2343 view f pencil skirt with ruffle

70.   Simplicity 2343 view d pencil skirt
71.   Butterick 5315 view b short sleeve dress
72.   Simplicity 2369 view a medium length  mock wrap dress
73.   Simplicity 2549  view d short sleeve v-neck dress
74.   McCall’s 4769 view C short sleeve button up shirt dress
75.   McCall’s 6328 view b shorts with ruffles
76.   McCall’s 6328 view c shorts with bow

77.   McCall’s 6332 view A halter dress
78.   McCall’s 6332 view c pant length jumpsuit
79.   McCall’s 6331 view a short length jumpsuit
80.   McCall’s 6331 biew b dress
81.   McCall’s 6083 view a short length romper

82.   McCall’s 6083 view c pant length romper
83.   Yo-yo rosette necklace
84.   Kilt
85.   Earring hanging frame

These are in no order at all... wish me luck! Let's get some use out of my new dress form <3

Monday, December 5, 2011

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

today we got our first snow of the season: HOORAY!
it truly feels like Christmas is coming now

i have my tree out and all decked out

Santa Claus is coming to town. have you been naughty or nice?

heres is some of the light snow that has settled in my yard tonight.
it's supposed to snow through the night.

Ive been putting so much thought into wrapping up this year and starting the next year off right.
I am not usually a person who makes New Year's Resolutions... and the times I have they usually do not last through January. But this year I have decided to make one and I think it will be easy to keep:

i will be more vintage-house-dress, less jeans-and-t-shirt. i will brush and style my hair instead of a messy ponytail everyday. i will put more care into my appearance even when i have no where to go.

with that being said, i also have plans to update my wardrobe(is update the proper word when going more throwback?). Most of it i want to make myself for 2 reasons: 1) it will be way cheaper and 2) i will hold myself with so much more pride.

I am making my project list for 2012 and really aiming to challenge myself more next year

What are your upcoming plans for the holiday and the year to come?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

FINALLY! creative juices flowing once again...

Today I finally completed a project! I feel awesome again =D

i started working from home last week and have been converting my bedroom to a more office feel.
when moving furniture to fit my desk in, i could not find space for my old unfinished toybox
so i made it my center table instead. i like how it ties the feel of the room together but felt it was in desperate need of a facelift

so i have sewn a slip cover to help tie it in better. i think it truly fits my personality and love the way my room is coming together...

i still need to hem the bottom but couldn't wait to share it with you all
Lily Bean

p.s. i also think this design would make a great pillow sham

Saturday, November 19, 2011

M.I.A. for way too long

Wow! it feels like forever since I have been here... I even had to read my old blog posts just to know where i left off. i was super suprised to find i have a few more followers (thanks and welcome). seems i have quite a bit to fill you all in on.

well, art in the park went well. it was a fun experience. sunday was very gusty and plenty of vendors struggled holding on to some merchandise, but that only lasted about 30 mins then it was all sunshine and lollipops again.

heres some pix from that weekend:
here i am setting  up shop

some of my purses

some of my aprons

more purses

well, this brings me to the hardest part of my update... my heart aches just thinking about it again...
if you remember from my previous posts back in july (this one and this one) my aunt was battling cancer. it is with great pain that i say she lost her battle october 8
i have been a very broken littlke girl, she was my mother figure and losing her has been the hardest thing i can ever fathom going through
i did get a tattoo to memorialize her. i got it exactly a week, to the hour, from the moment i lost her

i traced a wire angel that my uncle made for her the day before she passed. i like how abstract it is
i surrounded it with a daisy chain for a few reasons:
1) her name is margarita which translates to daisy
2) she loved to see me make daisy chains when we were enjoying the outdoors
3) 10 flowers (october) and 8 leaves (the 8th) to represent the day

needless to say things have been a tremendous struggle and my creative juices came to an immediate halt. i am starting to feel very much like getting back on the crafting wagon.

wow... this has been a therapeutic post.
until next time...