Saturday, May 28, 2011

puppy bed for my baby penelope

last night i finally got down to making a bed for penny. i picked her up this morning and she is sleeping on her bed as i type this =D

i cut 2 pieces for the top and bottom, and 5 to cover the sides and make an opening.
(size will depend on the type of pup you have of course. cut your foam squaes first and get your dimensions from there)

sewed it all together using french seams and cut 2 squares from a foam mattress pad

i added some velcro for closure

and the sides wrap around to seal with more velcro as well

here is a close up of the awesome fabric i used! i loooooove this fabric!

and my sweet baby penny enjoying a teething bone on her new bed

my day has been crazy aquainting thea and penny! i am more than ready for bed. penny is a crate next to me and i have my flip flops in case we have a puppy pee pee emergency at night.

sweet dreams!
-Lily Bean, Theodora and Penelope

Monday, May 23, 2011


oh my goodness! has it really been a whole week of silence for me?
a whole week with no activity...
i am sew off schedule!
i do apologize for lack of creativity this week
i have been dealing with some personal issues and haven't had time or the drive to sew until tonight
i did finish another purse (finally!) for my friend's birthday. after I have sent it i will post pictures

sew that leaves 7 days till school starts... i dont think i will be able to make a new dress... maybe a recon tishirt one. and tomorrow i will wash the fabric for penny's bed and my daddy's tie...

hoping for some normalcy and crafting time asap!

now off for some milk and cookies =D
*Lily Bean*

Monday, May 16, 2011

retro style hostess apron

i joined another swap a few weeks ago. today my partner and i both received our things. it was a fabric scavenger hunt and 1 item needed to be crafted. so i made her a retro style hostess apron.

i loooove it and want to make one for myself. whenever i do i will make a tutorial for you all

which reminds me i still need to make another tank dress so i can make a tutorial as promised. i picked the tank top to use yesterday so i should be getting to that soon.
i start school in 2 weeks (ugh!) so i am really in crunch time here for projects that i want to do before.
- a new tank dress
- a puppy bed (i get my baby black lab, Penelope, in 2 weeks)
- a tie for my dad for fathers day (i hope he doesnt read this blog... i dont think he does lol. daddy if you see this act suprised okay)
- a bag for my friends birthday (which is 5 months over due... =/ i am terrible)
- hopefully another dress or 2

sheesh! guess i better stop blogging and start sewing lol

once summer session starts i will be MIA for 6 weeks in a crash biology course. i have no idea when i am going to hower eat and sleep but itlll only be 6 weeks so i am sure ill get through. once fall starts i should be back to normal with a more spread out school schedule.

i spent some time this weekend cleaning out my closet. i will be donating a lot of clothes because i no longer want to wear much of my purchsed items. i am always going straight for my home made clothes. making plenty of room for more to be made =D

have a splendid night!
-Lily Bean

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Discovered a new fabric shop...

Sew this weekend I finally ventured to downtown and checked out a cute little mom an pop fabric shop

it's not a huge store, and its not super organized... but the prices are great! and they have all kinds of fun notions as well! i bought like 10 zippers just to have on hand. bins full of fabric at 99c per yard. i grabbed some blue and pink jersey knit in that bin!
i did not let myself go nuts because i can easily blow tons of cash on fabric... but i did allow a little fun =D i got some super cute fabric that i am working on making into another cute dress
i do see myself going back soon...

xoxox - Lily Bean

Sunday, May 8, 2011

updated project list, may 8, 2011

2011 projects (in no particular order):
yo-yo rosette necklace
pencil skirt my first pencil skirt
necklace hanger
dress finally i made dress (thank you bempa)
embroidered hoop
sewing machine dust cover
tea wallet  i finished my tea wallet
dog kennel cover
grocery bag holder corraled my grocery bags

finally! i made a dress, thank you bempa

I  made a dress! I owe it to my bempa for pushing me... i was getting pretty comfortable in skirts haha
I finished last night and called my bempa and gushed about how great it felt to take my sewing a step further. i also thanked him for being my biggest fan and pushing my limits. he is so proud! now i have to send him a picture =D

anyhow, on to the dress... it has a retro vintage feel which i love. tube top with circle skirt and zips in the back. its not perfect but i am pretty stoked nonetheless

here it is hanging:

and laid out

now for the fun part... a few action shots =D which should i print to send my grandpa?

i am already washing fabric to make more
<3 Lily Bean

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

nothing but love from my bempa

so my grandpa from my mom's side is the absolute love of my life... no matter what i have done of where i have gone, he is the one person who has never given up on me!

i gave him a call yesterday and he gave me the cutest little pep talk...
he told me it is now time to challenge myself. it is time to make a dress

i told him i have all the supplies but i am terrified. i know i will mess up and i am already discouraged.

he reminded me that the only way i will learn is by messing up. he believes in me more than anyone!

now that i have my June challenge involving wearing my own dress creations just around the corner and the absolute need to make bempa proud it is time to make a dress

i am still scared and i still know i will mess up... but i know in the end, when all is said and done, i will have an amazing dress that i love and can once again make my bempa a proud grandpa

sew tonight i ironed my 5 yards of fabric and starting writing down measurements... i have some patterns but i would like to see if i can find a tutorial or draft my own pattern first

im off to search and maybe get to bed on time tonight

i will keep you posted on my progress
wish me luck

-Lily Bean

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

i was a busy bee this weekend...

i was super sewing obsessed this weekend and destashed some fabric making 3 recon tank top dresses, a super cute mermaid skirt, and some cheetah lounge shorts. I start school at the end of this month so i am going way beyond crazy trying to make everything i want before i am too busy to.

i am planning on making another few tank dresses and will make a tutorial for you all then.

so now for your viewing pleasure...

recon tank dress in coral orange with western betty boop print and a black fabric belt

recon tank dress in red with spiderman print and black belt

recon tank dress using my f*ck cancer tank and zebra print. for this one i made 4 belts so I can match any accessories im in the mood for

a mermaid skirt made from 2 fat qtrs (looks great with my pink pearls!)

and my pink and orange cheetah lounge sleep shorts

and now for some action shots... as you can see i have been practicing my modeling hahaha

mermaid waves in my hair to match the mermaid waves on my skirt

the f*ck cancer dress quickly became my fave to dress up or down. i feel super cute in it and im representing a great cause!

pretty in pink

blazing in blue

punky in purple

red hot!

what do you think?? which look is your favorite?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Me-Made-June '11

'I, Lily of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-June '11. I endeavour to wear one handmade garment each day and at  least 2 dresses per week for the duration of June 2011'

wow! can i do it? in the world of blogging i came across this challenge "me-made-june '11" and decided a personal challenge would be just the fire under my butt i need to make dresses (i made 3 simple house sundresses this weekend which i will upload pix for soon). i have been dying to try a dress thats work appropriate but for some reason it terrifies me beyond understanding...

now i will need to because i am serious about going through all 30 days of june wearing at least 1 of my own garments and at least 2 days of each week wearing a dress i made... thats 10 dress days...

time to draft a pattern
wish me luck =D

would you join us?