Saturday, November 19, 2011

M.I.A. for way too long

Wow! it feels like forever since I have been here... I even had to read my old blog posts just to know where i left off. i was super suprised to find i have a few more followers (thanks and welcome). seems i have quite a bit to fill you all in on.

well, art in the park went well. it was a fun experience. sunday was very gusty and plenty of vendors struggled holding on to some merchandise, but that only lasted about 30 mins then it was all sunshine and lollipops again.

heres some pix from that weekend:
here i am setting  up shop

some of my purses

some of my aprons

more purses

well, this brings me to the hardest part of my update... my heart aches just thinking about it again...
if you remember from my previous posts back in july (this one and this one) my aunt was battling cancer. it is with great pain that i say she lost her battle october 8
i have been a very broken littlke girl, she was my mother figure and losing her has been the hardest thing i can ever fathom going through
i did get a tattoo to memorialize her. i got it exactly a week, to the hour, from the moment i lost her

i traced a wire angel that my uncle made for her the day before she passed. i like how abstract it is
i surrounded it with a daisy chain for a few reasons:
1) her name is margarita which translates to daisy
2) she loved to see me make daisy chains when we were enjoying the outdoors
3) 10 flowers (october) and 8 leaves (the 8th) to represent the day

needless to say things have been a tremendous struggle and my creative juices came to an immediate halt. i am starting to feel very much like getting back on the crafting wagon.

wow... this has been a therapeutic post.
until next time...

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