Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Beginning to make the tea wallet...

i began making my tea wallet today =)
i tried to make a point of taking pix at each step
on that note... here's the progress so far

first i chose my main fabric and fused a 5x7 cut of interfacing to it with the steam setting on my iron

fuse the "glue" side of the interfacing to the wrong side of your fabric

then i cut 2 5x7 pieces each of both the fabrics i chose to use (1 of the pieces is the one i just fused to intefacing)

next i folded the pieces used for pockets in half and steam ironed them, then topstitched the FOLDED edge

i measured 1 inch from the bottom of the main interior fabric, pinned my first pocket, and sewed the bottom of the pocket to the main. i followed with the other pocket lined up with the bottom of the main fabric, pinned and sewed the bottom as well.

i then folded the whole interior in half and pressed the edge to line up the exact middle. i sewed the middle from the bottom of the interior to the top of the top pocket, following the line i had just ironed in.

i pinned a 6 inch cut of ribbon folded in half to the middle of the interior on the right side and sewed the ribbon on

last thing i did tonight is pin the interior and exterior right sides together

i re-threaded my bobbin and am ready to finish this, just not tonight =(

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