Sunday, January 2, 2011

Intro to my short sewing history...

I am still super new to serious sewing but have been crafting and sewing by hand since I was a kid.

For the past 5 years or so I have had a sewing machine collecting dust and bought all kinds of fabrics and sewing "how-to" books but have never done much wih anything. I was sooooo intimidated by using more than a needle and thread.

I decided this year it would be best if I crafted my Christmas gifts... so i dusted off my sewing project books and fought my machine until i remembered how to thread the bobbin. i have been pretty happy with my results but know i have soooooo much to learn still.

i made a list of 12 things i would like to make during this year (in no particular order):
yo-yo quilted necklace, apron, pencil skirt, kilt, wallet, necklace hanger, dress, embroidered hoop, sewing machine dust cover, tea wallet, pillowcases, dog kennel cover

here are the few things i have made already:
a sewing machine dust cover for my aunt's machine (it is on mine for the picture and mine is smaller, it fits hers just right)

Some flannel PJ shorts for me

potpourri sachets for the ladies i work with

This is a reversible tote bag, it was hard to show detail in the photograph but I promise it is cool.

Red with stars on one side and white with cherries and polka dots on the other. Each side has a pocket =)
I took down my old curtains to wash them, then decided i didn't like them and had these made and hung 3 hrs later.

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