Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to my sweet momma Bertie!

well... her birthday isn't technically until Saturday but I sent out her gift today, hooray!
it is my very first embroidery masterpiece =P

my fingers are killlllling me! but it was so worth it! such a labor of love and i am more than pleased. i have learned some as i progressed and see where i have much room for improvement. but what matters most is i know bertie is going to adore it <3

i only took 2 progress shots. since it was my first one i concentrated much more on the actual piece than progress pics. plus i needed to make it in time to send it to SoCal and get it there by Saturday.

heres the finished piece. i sewed up a cute little bow to hide the screw and bolt on the hoop, as well as ribbon to hang it.

and to hide my knots in the back i glued some felt

whatcha think? i think i wanna embroider more =D


  1. That is so amazing! I don't have the patience most days for embroidery- that is some skill, girl. ^_^

  2. thanks meg <3 i dont have the patience either hahaha that expains the pain in my fingers and eyes