Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Induction to PTK (wearing Butterick 5209 view B)

Hi everyone! I have had a very busy last few weeks and the next 2 weeks should be crazy as well.
I only have 2 more weeks of learning and then it's FINALS week
I am a bit scared... which is not normal for me.
I have a lot of information to keep in my brain!
2 weeks ago I had my Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society induction ceremony. It was a wonderful night. I felt like the best dressed there wearing my dress! The chapter president announced that only 4% of the student population at my college were eligible for invitation to the society
4% and I made the list!
I feel amazing and know my hard work is paying off. I just need to keep working my booty off to hold this status until graduation. I'm even planning a PTK tattoo if I am able to graduate decorated.
So I was FINALLY able to wear the dress I started months ago.
Here I am in Butterick 5209 view B
When we were inducted, they gave us a white rose and we lit a PTK candle for the symbolic significance of becoming a member.
Here is the best picture I could get of my PTK pin

I was very sad all week leading up to the ceremony. I wished so badly that my aunt was able to see me. I wished she was at the ceremony crying tears of joy because I have made her proud.
I did everything I could to not fall apart. On the Friday of the ceremony my family urged me outside to see an amazing rainbow. I was overwhelmed with the feeling that my aunt was smiling down on me and sending a sign that she is with me and is proud. I have never in my life seen a rainbow so bright and never seen one that you could clearly make out each color from red to purple. This image really does not do it justice, but I wanted to share with you all that my aunt was with me not only in my heart and the ink in my skin... but in spirit. And she made sure I knew she was!

I am off school and work until Monday but was given plenty of homework to keep me busy.
Guess I better get back to it
Lily Bean, Smarty Pants


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