Thursday, November 1, 2012

19 Months to go (Paper Chain Countdown to Grad)

Wowwie! I just realized it is already November 1st!
That means I get to tear another ring off my paper chain!!
I was already in my comfy, cozy bug PJs when I realized haha


Only 19 links left!
I did make it for some candy clearance this morning but did not find any Cadbury "Scream" eggs. I got a bag of Wonka mix, milk duds, Krabby Patty gummies, and tootsie pops all for about $7


Another thing I realized just now is that we are 3 weeks from Thanksgiving
ONLY 3 WEEKS!! Whoa! That means 3 weeks from tomorrow is Black Friday. (Probably my absolute favorite holiday ever! You all know how I love to shop for bargains.)

What are your Thansgiving plans?
Still not sure what is happening here but I will probably make my cranberry applesauce and take a stab at my first pumpkin pie. (Is that smart to try for my first time on Thankgiving day??)
More importantly though I will plan my black Friday attack.
And on Black Friday I will become a Christmas Elf
After shopping I always turn on my favorite Rankin/Bass claymation movies and sing along while I wrap gifts. When my movies have all finished I put on my Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas CD and decorate the house.
The Christmas lights are already hung on the roof. When we had to go up to close off the AC units last week I took advantage and fixed up the lights.


I think there's only 4 weeks left in this semester! Time sure flies when you are having fun =P

a very excited Lily Bean, Christmas ElfPhotobucket


  1. I don't like to rush the holidays, but your post got me excited for all of it. Cranberry applesauce sounds wonderful! I still get sad when Rudolph thinks Yukon Cornelius has died :(
    BTW, my kids love Crabby Patty Gummies!
    Congrats on tearing another month off of your paper chain! Woo Hoo!

    1. I don;t like to rush them either. I get upset when I see Christmas around before Black Friday. It makes Black Friday feels less important as the "kick-off".
      Thanks =D