Thursday, January 3, 2013

17 months, McCall's M6654 View A, and SNOW DAY!!

Again, a few days late on this post but I am playing catch up here. It was time to tear another link off my countdown chain. That means only 17 months left until graduation.
3 16 week semesters, 1 10 week semester, 2 spring breaks, 1 1/2 winter breaks, 1 summer break... Almost there! Before I start worrying about all that, I will enjoy the last 2 weeks of this winter break.

When the McCall's patterns went on sale at Joanns last weekend I bought 20. (I think I need an intervention haha)


I got 2 pillows, 3 hats, 1 skirt, 1 bathing suit, 1 pants, 2 shirts, 1 raincoat, 2 capes, 6 dresses, and 1 jacket

This ought to keep me busy for a while haha
Well I was so excited when I got home that I immediately made McCall's M6654 in view A


It was very simple. The only thing is I would like it a bit more fitted. I am trying to lean away from "painted on clothes" but I still prefer a decent hug. So next time I use this pattern I will go a size or 2 down from my measurements suggestion. I think it is only because it is made with jersey knit that it feels too loose. I also need to get used to wearing things at my true waist... I have always been a low-rise-hip-hugger kind of girl so it feels odd to wear clothes proper haha.


Overall I am pleased. I will just take all that into consideration on round two. This pattern is great for beginners though. It was so simple and fast to whip up! Talk about instant gratification. And I had everything I needed already. Hooray for destashing: 1 yard of fabric and some elastic. better than nothing haha.
Today is the first snow day in my town. Finally! Jack Frost isn't messing around this time. It started snowing at 0730 and is expected to continue on and off until tomorrow morning... looks like I will not be getting that tattoo tomorrow. It's okay though. It worked out because I did not get the money on this check. So 2 more weeks... the waiting is the hardest part

A few snow day shots of me and my pooches...

You can see how playful Thea was (right). She was prancing like a parade horse and playing in the snow all over the yard. Penny (left) was running like a fool enjoying her overgrown-puppy self as well.


Thea loves the cold. She has always run hot because, in the words of my Bempa "She has a big fur" hahah! (everything Bempa says is so cute). This is not her first snow storm and every time we get any she lays down in it to cool off. Crazy girl. And Penny was licking the snow off Thea's head haha


She became quite the puddle as she dried.


Penny is sticking her bitty littl tongue out haha. Catching snowflakes? maybe...


I love the snow covered palm trees


When I tried to take blog countdown pix earlier in the day Thea could hardly contain her excitement...


She was chasing my paper chain and jumping all around. Silly girl

Lily Bean
Snow Princess
For those of you laughing at my excitement at 2 inches of snow... remember I am a Southen California girl who never left the beach areas so this is super cool to me haha.


  1. It's fun to see people enjoy the snow. We have about a foot of it and it's 8 degrees. Holy cold! Your patterns are so fun! I want that swimsuit by McCalls.
    Great job on the skirt. Now you have to make mittens! Brrr!

    1. Oh my! 8 degrees!! I start crying when its under 70 unless its snowing haha. Stay warm =)
      I did buy a pattern to make gloves a few months ago. I think I should do that ASAP... I'll have them done by summer haha