Wednesday, January 2, 2013

HAPPY (belated) NEW YEAR!! a look back and future dreams

Hello and Happy New Year!!
I am so sorry that I am late in wishing you a wonderful 2013. Since it's only the end of the second day that leaves 363 left for me to wish you love, joy, and success.
Taking a small look back to 2012...
In the beginning I had big plans to destash... well... that didn't work out quite as I had planned. I destashed plenty but added 2 yards of fabric for every yard i used. I was still terrified of commercial patterns and sewing clothes from simple shapes or tracing store bought things. I started my first commercial pattern in March and didn't finish it until October.
In the last 3 months of the year I ended up sewing 7 items from commercial patterns:
I had started to take baby steps in the kitchen and have been building my confidence from ground zero. I have since made quite a few dishes and plenty of desserts.
( I seriously need to take some time to update my recipe page)
I still have not made much progress in knitting or crocheting. I do just fine with my knitting loom but am pretty limited.
At this time last year I was barely starting on my prereqs and thought it would be forever until I was accepted into the RHIT program. I am now done with my first program semester and have completeld  more than half of my credit hours needed to graduate (in 2014!!) And I have managed to keep my straight A's and keep my 4.0
I got 3 tattoos in 2012

Dreaming of what 2013 may bring...
I plan to actually destash more this year. I can't promise I won't but any more but I can promise I won't buy anything unless it's on sale, with a coupon, or needed to complete a project.
I have a serious pattern and fabric stash (inventory post coming soon) and I need to work off what I have for 2 reasons: 1) it's out of control and 2) why else did I buy all this stuff?? haha
this year I will not make a projects list because... well let's face it: I stink at keeping to a project list and when I do work off of it I stink at updating it.
I want to keep trying out recipes and learning to become more creative with making meals. I don't have any set goals in the kitchen, just to keep at it for now and keep pushing myself to learn more and try new things.
I seriously want to concentrate on learning crochet. I figrue if I keep trying to learn to knit and crochet at the same time I will stay stuck. I will focus on crochet even if I only learn a few simple stiches and make a few things. I want to make progress and have to learn to take small bites.
(Any one have any patterns or tutorials you recommend for a crochet beginner?)
By this time next year I will be getting ready to start my last semester and preparing for graduation. In this next year I will continue to concentrate on keeping my GPA at 4.0. This means sometimes I fall off the blogosphere radar and have weeks upon weeks where I cannot fit in any of my projects. But I will be graduated in no time and then I can have a lot more fun. I have 4 semesters left... I can do this!
I will be getting my next tattoo on Friday (assuming that we don't get the snow predicted... if it snows I won't be driving anywhere on the streets with these crazies)
I will be getting a '57 Bel Air on my left lower arm near my elbow
and when I have more dough saved up I will tell you what I am planning next
So I have thought long and hard about a New Year's Resolution and decided that 2013 is all about exercising and accessorizing.
"I will exercise at least 5 days a week and I will make an effort to accessorize more often."
The 2 may seem odd together but they are both my goals for 2013 nonetheless.
Why exercise: it is the next step for me to get healthier. I have started a hula hoop routine already and even though I hate exercising in general I feel awesome when I have finished my short routine.
Why accessorize: I realized how many accessories I constantly buy and hardly wear. I seriously need to start wearing accessories more often or stop buying them.
Well, sorry it was my longest post ever! Thanks if you stuck with me to the end.
Lily Bean
This is what I am currently working on: a flannel dress in Butterick  B5603
(same pattern as my Christmas dress)

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