Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Coming Up For Air...

Holy Cow! How have you been? I have been DROWNING in my schedule.
Good news is the semester is almost over
Bad news is I only have 1 week before summer semester starts
Here I am on my first day of clinicals
 photo 000_0001-2_zps2adf2ad0.jpg

I did get to go to the VA. It has been a great experience! Friday is my last day there and then it is all about completing my clinicals binder project which is my final grade.
I am very proud to say once I complete this semester, I will have NO MORE PREREQS
I will only have program classes left until graduation.
I am only 1 year away from graduation
Here I am with what's left of my paper chain countdown
 photo 101_5609_zps1290c2c2.jpg

So I have realized I don't have much free time between now and graduation. Made me think about how many sewing hours actually exist there. I better start narrowing down what pattern I want to use for graduation. I should also think about fabric. So I plan on getting all the patterns I currently own to start getting ideas andsorting my thoughts. I just know this year will fly!!
I have only done 1 craft since I was last here. It was short and sweet but a completed craft nonetheless. In an effort to follow my New Year's Resolution of actually wearing my accessories, I made a bandana holder. It was super cheap and very functional.
I bought a dowel rod from Michaels for around $2 and the hanging hooks at the Dollar Store
I already had the clothespins, but you can get them at the Dollar Store
 photo 101_5613_zpse1bbd955.jpg

Now my banadana's are all in plain sight and easy to grab when I am getting ready.
No more forgetting what I own or digging through a drawer.
I also like how they add a splash of color to my wall
Well, I better get back to my homework. I am too close to being finished with the semester to start slacking. I have held my As this far and would hate to lose them because of end of semester drag.
Miss you tons!
Lily Bean
(and the EPCC RHIT Class of 2014)
 photo 101_5603_zps2089399b.jpg


  1. You are adorable! Red lipstick looks great on you. :)

    1. That's very sweet of you =) Thanks!
      I was scared of red lipstick for a while but once I tried it I was in love <3

  2. I love that bandana holder and the fact that you came back to your blog to update. The most exciting thing is seeing that paper chain get smaller. You're on your way!! So proud of you, my bloggy pal!

    1. Awww! Thanks so much! It is very exciting! I wish I could blog around more but I know soon enough I will have all the time in the world. Thanks so much for all the support!