Friday, May 17, 2013

FINALLY summer break!! New Patterns and Fabric... Time to Sew

Hi everyone!!
Yesterday was my last day of the Spring semester
So far I have seen 2 out of 3 grades:
Coding: A
Speech: A
Clinical Tech: pending grade
And officicially I am in the senior class, 3 semesters away from graduation. One year from now I will be in cap and gown....
Wow! Okay, back to reality... one semester at a time.
So I have only one week of summer break. so depressing. And to top it off, one of my teachers gave us homework... wth!?!? Why even bother taking a break. Oh well, I suppose we all have to pay our dues.
So I may only have one week until Summer semester starts
and I may need to read 2 chapters in this week
and I may have an assignment and 2 quizzes due first day of school
but, as my Bempa said, at least I don;t have to drive to school for a week
hahahah! sweet old man!
Today I went to WalMart for a few things and fell off the wagon buying $20 worth of fabric and 3 new patterns. I know I am not supposed to be buying anything since I have so much to work with... I couldn't help it. I simply went crazy knowing I have some time to sew.
I have grabbed a few other cuts of fabric and patterns since school started.
Here's some pix of my latest additions:

New Look A6000
 photo 101_5621_zpsf7b21adb.jpg
New Look A6208
 photo 101_5623_zps344edf5f.jpg
Simplicity A2884
 photo 101_5620_zps482b6678.jpg
New Look A6184
 photo 101_5624_zps7645917d.jpg

New Look 6699

 photo 101_5622_zps2a66aa0c.jpg
Simplicity Sew Simple A1636
 photo 101_5625_zpsa6ea25cf.jpg

 photo 101_5627_zps0a2d948b.jpg

 photo 101_5628_zpsa23796a3.jpg

 photo 101_5629_zpsc68db26d.jpg

I will be going through all my patterns to figure which to try out for a grad dress
(maybe tonight since my sister should be dropping by to sew with me)
It may be a year away but I realized I only have like 8 weeks throughout the year where I will actually be out of school and free to sew. That is limited time to decide and perfect my plans... I am definitey starting now. I just can't grow haha
Off I go to clean off my sewing table and get to it
Let's see what I can knock out between now and May 28th!! Can't wait to have actual sewing to post about haha!
Lily Bean
(here with my Bempa <3)
 photo 101_5593_zps31d3c184.jpg


  1. Congrats on completing another semester! Your grades are wonderful!
    Okay let's see- I have the first and third pattern. I cut out the top one only to find there weren't any directions in the packet. I never think to look for that stuff... The 6208 is adorable! I have to find that pattern. :) You have such great fabric. I think I'd be all over the owls and that light blue floral..
    FInally, enjoy that week off. Breathe and do all the things that make you happy before you're back in the thick of it all. Your pic of you and your Bempa makes me smile. Grandparents rock.

  2. I am so with you on the 3 semesters to go, me too! Btw, new follower here, I found you bc I searched simplicity a1636 to see other people's dress and found your blog. I am currently working on it. If you get the chance, pass by my blog and check it out. It's new and it would be nice if you followed!

    Instagram: @reynalay