Saturday, July 23, 2011

vintage finds! oh my!

WOWWIE! so i found a local girl on craiglist who was selling some vintage patterns (dirt cheap by the way... only $2! holy crap! right?) so anyhow, i met her on the other side of town to make the exchange and came up on an estate sale where I found 2 original McCalls magazines in great condition for $1.

I came home so excited!! I have already peeked around the magazines (which are in great condition) and couldnt help but laugh at how much life and the world have changed. The pictures are inspiring and the articles are amusing.

Check out my awesome finds...

McCall's Christmas 1969

McCall's December 1967

Simplicity 6757
nightgown in 2  lengths, scarf, and bloomers
circa 1966
originally 50cents

Simplicity 4214
nightgown and robe
circa early 1960s
originally 60cents

McCall's 2389
bra, bikini, half slip, full slip (lingerie wardrobe)
circa 1970
originally 85cents

Simplicity 8153
2 piece bathing suit, hiphugger pants, and top
printed 1969
originally 75cents

Simplicity 4513
"Jiffy" Blouses (1 yard or less)
circa early 1960s
orginally 45cents

Butterick 4389
one piece dress
circa 1966
originally 65cents

McCall's 3133
circa 1972
originally $1.25

Butterick 4604
one piece dress
circa 1969
originally 65cents

Simplicity 7262
cape in 2 lengths and skirt
circa 1967
originally 75cents

and last but not least...

McCall's 5953
circa 1961
originally 50 cents

wow! i am more than excited to get the ball rolling on these!
when i read the magazines i will share funny and inspiring things with you all.
i plan on buying some more patterns next check =D
which is you favorite??

<3 Lily Bean

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  1. What lucky finds! They look like very wearable too :)