Thursday, June 7, 2012

new haul of depression glass and summer semester

hey everyone! man this week has been so long and somehow gone so quick at the same time!
i just dropped by to show off the depression glass i bought when i went back to the fleamarket last sunday and to update you on school.

what did $20 get me? man did i make out like a bandit. i got a citrus juicer, cream and sugar bowls, butter dish, and 6 mini coctail glasses or maybe theyre for ice cream... hmmm
all pieces have minimum wear and only a few have tiny chips
was i lucky or what??!!??

i looooove the way the green glows under the flash of my camera!

so as you know, school started this week
my schedule is beyond HECTIC... way beyond
i am still working 40hrs a week (no way i could pay for next semester if i didnt)
and i go to school for 2 hrs in the morning Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
and 2 hours in the evening Monday through Friday
not to mention the 2 internet courses I signed up for that i need to also study and do homework for...
man how i despise school
but i sure love learning! my pathophysiology class moves so fast because i am absolutely engaged in the lesson the whole time.
the human body amazes me!

so here is how i expect to do this short and cramped summer session:

interpretation of lab results (only 5 weeks) - so far i think i will ace it. its all reinforcement of what i learned in anatomy and ive been performing well in class this week. as long as i study what the teacher mentions is for the test i should be golden

pathophysiology (only 5 weeks) - definitely my heavy hitter. thankfully i am actually interested. this class does scare me a bit, i dont want to lose my 4.0 gpa but i plan on focusing more on this class than any other

intro to computers (full 10 weeks) - to be honest i wish i could test out of this class. it is required for my degree plan but so far its all child's play. the first lesson is intro to windows and how to save files... i havent even felt the need to open the book lol. lets hope im not too cocky and do as well as i imagine i should in this course

english composition (full 10 weeks) - okay so this class scare the who-who-bee-jee-bees out of me. as you may notice, english is not my best subject (hopefully you dont notice haha) i have always had trouble here. and i started with such a feeling of intimidation since it took me 3x to pass the essay placement test... ugh! biggest problem: studying for this class is like a sweet lullabye and puts me right to sleep

so we shall pretend tomorrow has already passed so i can officially say only 4 weeks  left of the heavy part of my semester

wish me luck!
hope to be able to stop by soon

study bug extraordinaire
Lily Bean

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  1. Love the glassware eps. the butter dish! Love how chunky and solid it is! What a great haul!
    Good luck with the rest of the study semester it certainly sounds as if you're one busy busy bean!