Friday, July 6, 2012

i survived summer semester (drinking lots of juice)

Hello! my how i have missed you. I took my pathophysiology final today and should know my grade after Tuesday. (keep those fingers crossed). my final grade in Interpretation of Lab Results was an A (99.2% overall average... pretty awesome! my best ever)
i am still in english and intro to computers but they are not labor intensive.
it is great to be done with the hard part of the semester!
so now i have 7 weeks (i think) until the beginning of fall semester. only 5 semesters to go until graduation!

this class was teaching about how the body gets sick at cellular levels... scared the crap out of me! so what did i do? started taking  my vitamins and juicing again.  i plan to start excercising now that i have free time as well.
so ive been making a mean green super food juice (almost) every day. i feel yucky when i dont drink it and so refreshed when i do. i was always starving when studying and only this juice made me feel full
what was in it you ask?
(for 1 person)
a good handful of kale
a good handful of spinach
a good handful of parsley
half a cucumber
a carrot
an orange
a lemon
a pear
an apple
a stalk of celery
and a piece of ginger
wash all veggies, remove rind from lemon and orange, cut as needed to fit in juicer, and juice them all
 drink in all the yummy nutrients
 i prefer healthy juice to the energy drinks and caffeine pills most students take, especially after pathophysiology class!
mmmmm mmmm! you cant even taste the celery (thank goodness! i hate fresh celery)

i still need to finish my dress... maybe this weekend i can get back on the wagon
i also want to make a few more mini pillbox hats and need to take pix for the tutorial i promised

i just found out that my bempa, mema, mom, cousin alyssa, and kid bro will be coming by for a short and sweet visit in 2 weeks. i want to have my dress done for sure by then so i can wear it and show it off <3 as i mentioned before, my next tat is for my bempa. but i hadnt planned on getting it until fall tuition and books were paid for. i was then going to save some cash, get it done, and send him some pix and a letter. now that i know hell be here in 2 weeks i decided to put it ahead of everything else and worry about paying for it later. thank goodness for credit cards haha. im not sure when i will get a chance to see him again and would rather he see it in person and get pictures of me and him and the tat. so i have sat and spinned my wheels to narrow down the image and have finally decided on something meaningful that i feel is perfect. i may go get it tomorrow... if the weather isnt awful!

monsoon season is upon us and it has rained all day. the rain has even caused some minor flooding in some areas to the east of the city (my tat parlour is to the east, thats why i didnt go today). the weather will decide tomorrows fate.
either way i have plenty to do if i just hang out at home and catch up on crafting

here's an awesome cloud i have snapped a fews days ago:
looks like my angel was watching over me

 glad to be back!
Super Mean Green Lily Bean

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