Saturday, June 2, 2012

pinspired snack and fleamarket finds

hey everyone!
well i have been obsessed with pinterest just as much as any other person these last few months.
i have seen blueberry yogurt drops all over the site and they look so simple and yummy!
now that it is summer and i had to seek desserts and snacks that don't require the oven, i decided to try them out for myself

i did a trial batch and was super happy with the results!
just as i suspected... super easy and yummy
i have seen most people using fresh blueberries but i decided to buy a frozen bag of blueberries and plain vanilla yogurt.
i let the blueberries thaw in the fridge over night
get a pie pan, bowl, spoon, and 2 of those pick things you use for cracking  nuts (name? hahaha forgive my ignorance) or toothpicks/kabob skewers... anything of that nature
 put some yogurt in your little bowl then put a blueberry on your pick. dip and swirl until well covered. you may need to use another pick if the blueberries seem to slide off. just gently use the second pick to hold the blueberry in place while you swirl
 place each blueberry on your pie pan or tray keeping them all separate from each other then pop them in the freezer.
 it doesnt take these babies a long time to freeze at all. try to give them at least an hour so you are sure they are solid before popping them off. i used a spoon to gently scrape them off. it doesnt take much force at all. in fact... too much force will make them fly so be careful
 put them in a freezer bag or tupperware and store them in the freezer
just grab a few when you want a snack
i want to try it with strawberry bites now

i worked at the fleamarket today and it was the SLOWEST day since opening
thinking maybe since its graduation party weekend.
hopefully tomorrow makes up for it
in my boredom i walked around and did some shopping  myself
both window and real shopping haha
first i spotted this adorable summer hat.
i tried it on and fell in LOVE! instantly!
i put it down and told the lady i would be back after i had some sales myself
when i came back around later, i saw this hat at her stand as well
 i knew before even putting it on that we would be inseparable as well
so i got both!
she cut me a deal for being a vendor and for buying both
even better right!

and this is the piece i really want to gush about!
when i walk into the fleamarket i always pass by a booth with old stuff.
(i never let mysef walk around because i end up spending all my profits... just like today haha)
so i finally made my way over to his booth. he had amazing glassware
i wanted to buy so much but again, "sir, i will be back when i have some sales"
later in the day my uncle grabbed this up for me
(maybe because i kept talking about how awesome it was and how bad i wanted it haha)
hooray! thanks!
it is green depression glass... yes, it glows in black light.
 i had intended to use it for jewelry from the moment i saw it but really want to know what it is truly for. i have tried to research and find similar pieces listed as
-ash tray
-dessert tray
-jewelry tray
-sandwich tray
does anyone have any insight?
doesnt my jewelry look so cool on it!
i love the way it reflects the pieces!
well, needless to say, i am now ADDICTED and OBSESSED with depression glass
i plan on going to the fleamarket with money tomorrow to buy myself a tea set, butter tray, and whatever else i can squeeze out of $20 or so
and if i have good sales, ill go right back to the booth for more
i want MORE!

well, tomorrow is my last official day before school starts
can you believe last week one of my teachers already sent an email stating a quiz will be on tuesday.
geez! i havent even bought my books yet!
i have been doing some "motivational" crafting to keep myself focused and smiling as i go through these next 2 years. but first to focus on these next 6 weeks. i will try to peek in on you all, at least to say hello and update you on anything awesome
but i cannot make any promises until i know how intense it will really be

Lily Bean

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  1. LOVE the hats AND the glassware... your post made me smile because I so cannot avoid thrifty second hand vintage/retro things - I have no room to put all my stuff but I seem to have an innate need to buy more, more, MORE... my latest addiction is vintage milk glassware. I think I have slightly addictive tendencies - glassware, fabric, vintage kitchen ware, thrift shopping, serving platters... I seem to go in cycles!
    Can't wait to see what you score with your $20! :)