Monday, May 28, 2012

almost done with my first commercial pattern dress

hey guys! i am super stoked right now that i have successfully constructed my first commercial pattern
i will get more deets and a photo shoot to you as soon as i am totally finished.
i still need to:
remove some basting stitches
add a hook and eye
hem the bottom

but the dress is looking real good!
well me and my teacher never could get to class at the same time and i dont have extra free time to be waiting in parking lots
so i just took to youtube and some of my favorite sewing blogs and decided to give it a go on my own.

today i told everyone i will be lost in my own world sewing.
i almost finished too and think i could but then id be a zombie at work tomorrow
so here are some picture collages i made along the way today
blogger would not upload my pics from when just the top was done, this was the only one:

then i had the lining all attached and only needed to prepare the skirt to be attached to the top
 and here is where i stopped tonight
i looooove everything about it and feel so proud

off i go to catch some much needed Zz's

Lily Bean


  1. Love the yellow... this looks like a 'happy' dress ♥

  2. The dress is looking good! Love the pop of yellow. I can't wait to see it finished!

  3. It's looking great! Can't wait to see the finished project. BTW, I followed you from my site "Follow me home.." Happy Sewing!

    1. thanks and thanks for following in return =)