Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Bempa Tattoo - 12 days til unveiling

Hello there!
I went to get my Bempa tattoo today and i am ecstatic with the way it turned out
I will be seeing him in 12 days and have prepared a whole unveiling to make it a very special moment.
he still has no idea what i have done.
i know i am going to cry when i show him and explain the reasons behind my choice and i think he may just cry as well
i wrote him a letter and will read it to him before i show him the ink:

My dearest Bempa,
You have always been my greatest love. When I talk about you, I tell people you are my heart. Through all life you have made me feel special and loved. No matter what I have done or where I have been, I have always felt your love and pride in me. For years I have always said I wanted a tattoo for you and nothing has ever felt right. Nothing ever feels perfect for you because you are perfection to me. Even trying to pick a gift for you is hard! Imagine how much trouble I had picking something permanent to always remind me of you. You are always in my thoughts and strong in my heart but I wanted something the whole world could see to show how much you mean to me.
I finally was able to narrow down an image… i went through a million ideas! I finally narrowed it down to something that feels just right for how I feel about you! I chose an anchor with a rope tied around a heart. The definition of anchor: “a source of security or stability”. You have always made me feel safe, loved, and special. You have anchored me down on more than one occasion. Every time I need a pick me up or to be reminded I am worth something, I call you and you never fail me. You truly are my anchor.
I only strive to make you proud! I could not dream up a more perfect grandpa! Thank you for all you do for me, but mostly for all the love you give.
Now you are not only always on my mind and in my heart, but on my skin! My permanent tribute to the greatest grandpa ever!
I love you!

 here's the sketch i took to alex.
 i knew he would make it awesome but i was still completely taken aback by how awesome his design was. heres the stencil ready to start
 and here is when the outline was all done
 i am super happy with the way it turned out
once again, alex hasnt let me down
i will fill you in after i suprise my bempa with all this in a few days

i have spent the last few days catching up on sleep and housekeeping i had gotten behind on from the last few weeks. i need to clean up my sewing area and sew the zipper on my dress and start new projects before Fall semester starts

a very inky hug!
Lily Bean
(just look at how bright and happy my eyes ae after getting this done)


  1. I am in love. And so envious of your relationship with your Bempa. I mean, even i teared up a little bit when i read your letter to him.

    P.S. What a great design!

    1. thanks so much! it was a wondrful unveiling. we were all crying <3 he loved the design as well. =)