Tuesday, July 31, 2012

where's my mojo??

hi everyone! has anyone seen my crafting mojo? i seem to have lost it and don't know where to begin looking. it's depressing! i have a mental block and no motivation.
i have my dress still waiting just to be finished, my shorts cut waiting to be started, a hat cut waiting for assembly, and tons of other options of things to start
i can't bring myself to do any of them. my rainbow of creativity feels dull.
i spent all day yesterday and today on pinterest (click here to follow me) looking to be pinspired. i did play with hair and make-up and i really want to cook but its too hot (i have made strawberry shortcakes but i will post about them separately)
but no crafting... ugh!
has this ever happened to any of you? how did you get it back?

well, as you know my bempa came to town and i unveiled my tattoo to him and the rest of my family was finally allowed to see it.

when they got in to town i went to the hotel and read my bempa the letter i wrote him and then let him be the first to see the tat...
here's the few pix my kid bro snapped while the moment was in action
i started cryiing like a baby before i could even start reading. i was so overwhelmed with the emotions of dedicating ink to the greatest man in my life

 as you can see i strategically wore a sweater on my left arm until the moment was right to unveil it
 and when i got to just the right place in my letter i took off my sweater. here's my bempa getting the first look
 and this pic was taken just after everyone had seen the tat. i love this picture! we were both still teary eyed.

when i was done focusing directly on bempa i realized everyone in the room was crying. it was such a sweet moment!
all my friends had been waiting to hear what bempa though, so i grabbed my cell and interviewed him. sorry its sideways, i have no idea how to flip it.

isnt he the cutest!?!

heres a few snapshots from the trip before they headed back to california
here i am ordering at sonic's with my cousin and brother. they had never been to a sonic's before
 they were content with their junk food and i was content with  my milkshake
 we went bowling and played 3 rounds. we each one 1 game 
 i was obsessed with my cousin's awesome docs! if they werent 2 sizes too big i told her i would steal them
 we went to eat at Chico's Tacos... it a local favorite that i knew they'd enjoy
tony even drank the sauce haha
 here i am between my grandparents: mema and bempa
 and this is me with my baby cousin alyssa who is much bigger than me now lol
 thats my baby brother and our mom
 bempa's oldest and youngest grand daughters giving him some love

i enjoyed every minute of having my bempa in town. it was fun hanging with the kids too.

Lily Bean

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