Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Paper Chain Countdown!!

Hi everyone! Wow this is my 3rd post in a week! how did i manage that haha

I have always loved countdowns, i feel they make the wait more exciting. i love the suspense of anticipation... for something good to come of course haha. i still remember being introduced to paper chain countdowns as a child and falling in love with the simple paper craft.

about a month ago i made a paper chain countdown to graduation which should happen end of May or beginning of June 2014

when i was tearing of the "September 2012" ring yesteday i realized i never took a picture to show you all... possibly because its so juvenile and simple lol
but then i thought it'd be fun to snap a picture on the first of every month and watch the chain shrink and chronicle it here (along with the rest of my life)

20 rings left on the chain... until i get to the last one that says "GRADUATION!!!!"
Lily Bean


  1. Woo Hoo! You're almost there! I hope it passes quickly! (unless you have unwritten papers or finals to study for) :)