Saturday, February 5, 2011

Yay for sales!

Today I bought a rotary cutting starter kit (half off at joanns =)
now my cuts should be perfectly precise!

I am hoping to get my package out to my swap partner next week... the winter storm and rolling blackouts set me back a lil bit in crafting. Things seem to be normalizing a bit with power now so I am back to sewing it up... Once my package it out I will be sure to post pix of my latest creations =D


  1. Ahhh Rotary cutters are the best! Don't feel bad about being behind in the swap; I haven't stitched a thing yet. :(

    Thanks for following me, btw. The support means a lot. :) I look forward to more of your posts and projects!

  2. i cant believe some ppl in the swap are done already... sheesh! its so intimidating. but id rather take my time and make a good package right...

    i like your blog =D looks like we think alike (even for both being young lol) and i think i can learn from ya