Sunday, March 27, 2011

Finally.... My first pencil skirt

Today is sew glorious! For starters: I didn't need to take any migraine medicine. That in itself was a huge gift! Then I finished my first pencil skirt which included my first zipper in clothing and 2 darts =/. And to top it all off I destashed some fabric to make a cute cherry headband and a "sock" to hold my plastic bags... Sew for starters I will show off my long awaited pencil skirt.

Amazingly I made this skirt using a fabric remnant I got at Joann's for 50% off... isn't that rad!

Sew I was really struggling trying to figure out how to sew darts in. I couldn't do it without getting this awful bubble... I tried and tried time after time last night until 230am before i decided it would be better to just go to sleep.

I posted this picture in a forum on and asked for help. After some help and research I got the skirt much smoother on the bottom. So I adjusted what was necessary and finished off my top hem this afternoon. Here's my finished product:

(notice the smoother backside)

here is a close up of the zipper. I did very well in keeping everything straight and in place

I added a mini slit in the back center

I am super in love with my new skirt! and i feel my confidence growing to keep a new wardrobe flowing

in my surfing I found a tutorial for this cute little headband and made this today as well

it only took a scrap of fabric! it was sew quick and easy

i plan on making another wrap skirt next and taking pictures step by step to make you all a tutorial

now i have to skiddadle and get ready for the work week ahead... *sigh*

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