Monday, March 14, 2011

fun with yo-yos

in my constant need to be crafting these days i did a mini project tonight. i am way too tired to start anything big, so i decided to take a stab at sewing a yo-yo. it came out just perfectly sized for a hair clip.

i added a star button and bobby pin and voila!
now i have to build an outfit around it for tomorrow hahaha

i was also comparing seam from the 3 garments i have made and couldn't help but laugh... you can tell i am improving:

all the garments are turned inside out to show the seams...
the one on the left is the pj shorts i made a while ago... the seams stayed together but frayed everywhere when i washed them (oops lol)
the one on the right  is the skirt i made early last week ... i was getting better but still couldnt figure out how to hide the fraying
and in the middle is the skirt i finished yesterday... looking pretty professional =D

i have had one BUSY day and this whole time change is throwing me off so i am going to sleep now
nitey nite


  1. Did you use french seams or clean finish for the one in the middle? It looks good!

    I've recently started using french seams for all of my projects. It's so easy and so clean!

  2. i used a french seam, you are not kidding about how easy it is. i felt silly when i put all my seams next to each other =P
    what is "clean finish"?

  3. adorable hair pin! Did you decide to glue the yoyo to the bobby pin or did you stitch it?

    Stitching in Circles

  4. Hi Tina =D I stitched the bobby pin to the yoyo. It will be easier to change it out when the bobby pin gets too stretched or I lose the little end that keeps it from poking your head.
    Thanks for looking