Sunday, March 13, 2011

My new Totally Rad Fuschia cheetah Wrap Skirt

I am seeeeeeeeew excited about this skirt!
I bought this fabric years ago with the intention of making an awesome skirt...
Best thing is... I can wear it at work without breaking dress code and I will still feel like myself
The hardest thing for me moving to a conservative area in Texas from good ol' SoCal was fitting in to my environment without losing who I am...

 Now I do not have a full tutorial to follow but I do have some pictures of different stages
I will definitely be making another one of these skirts and will make a full tutorial for you then...

I had to iron about 3 yards of fabric. I must admit... Never in my life have I touched an iron as much as I do now that I am sewing hahah

I cut out a trapezoid newspaper pattern to fit my measurements

I traced the pattern 3 times onto my fabric with tailors chalk

I cut the segments out with my handy dandy rotary cutter
(didn't slice any of myself this time... thank goodness!)

At the point of this picture all 3 segments were sewn together and I was hemming the bottom... I added some ric-rac for detail

Here is a close-up of  my seams... they are getting sew much more professional. This is called a french seam and was explained to me on one of my posts on I loooove that site! I dont think I could make it this far without it. Sew many people sharing ideas and knowledge.

Look how long the skirt is across my full size bed

a close up of the draw string because i am proud of my work there

I laid out the skirt for a photo but its proved hard to get the right color... too much flash in some not enough in others... oh well. let me asure you it is fuschia

and here i am.... super proud of my new skirt from Lily Bean Boutique
i am definitely wearing this tomorrow!

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