Saturday, April 16, 2011

holy smokes!

sew i joined another swap on craftster which i am totally stoked for. it will be my last one before school starts and until i can figure out my time management for projects with school and work.
this swap is a fabric scavenger hunt... while preparing for this swap i decided to sort out my current stash... prepare yourself, i have more than i thought.

here is an overall picture of my piles (not included: leftovers, scraps, bold color broadcloths,  and still needs to be washed)

all of these have 2 or more yards and can be circle skirts or dresses and such

these are corduroy and i plan on making winter pencil skirts

this is my "i think i have enough for a pair of shorts" pile

these will all be shorter simple skirts or pillow cases

i have at least a yard of each of these and will probably make them into pencil skirts

all of these are flannels i bought for pjs

my jersey knits

these are all going to be shorter skirts but they are separated because they are slinky materials that i haven't learned to sew yet

i had to show a close-up of the awesome stars and swirls on this fabric

these are more slinky materials that i have enough for a longer skirt of possibly simple dress

and last but not least some fat quarters

i also had a pile of fabric that already belongs to certain projects and a medium load of other fabrics in the wash which i did not photograph

i swore off buying any more fabric until i have used a decent amout for projects (UNLESS its remnants or clearance because you cant miss out on those deals) 

i definitely can't complain that i have nothing to wear hahah
time to get to making =D
xoxox - Lily Bean

p.s. as much as i am naturally drawn to all things pink i am trying to branch out more into other colors =P

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