Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lily Bean goes pin-up ;)

while my family was visiting last week i spent sew much time creating for everyone but me, so this weekend i spoiled myself. I made cute summer lounge shorts and a pencil skirt: both pin-up style.
They are sew much fun to wear! I will deifinitely be making more of each and will make tutorials the next time...

the pencil skirt has a elastic waistband and a cute ruffle on the end all done up in awesome anchor print.

my shorts are black and white gingham print with watermelons all over and black ruffles on the bottom. i want to make a pair exactly the same with red ruffles <3

- XOXOX - Lily Bean


  1. I'm in awe of how much sewing you accomplish! I feel like I turn out only 1 project every two weeks at MOST!

    These are so sweet, and they look so comfortable to wear!

  2. awww thanks love =D
    mind you my projects are much simpler than yours <3