Thursday, April 28, 2011

when you can't find the right outfit... make one

i have been eyeing nude colored heels for a while and desperately wanting a pair
everytime i see them i just dream...

for those of you who don't know me personally: i am very frugal and thrifty. the money i don't use to pay for school i save to pay to get me out of this city some day. if i cannot truly justify a purchse it does not happen. and "i want them" is not justification. BUT when theres a good sale i strike like a cobra!

so last night my aunt asked me to take her shopping. kmart had a bogo sale but didn't have the shoes in my size... i was sad =( we then stopped off at payless where i found the nude heels i want, in my size, on sale, and bogo

so needless to say they are my new prized possession

i feel so empowered in them! i ran straight to my closet to find the perfect outfit to debut them in...
suddenly nothing felt right... i know what your thinking... im silly to think such neutral shoes didn't fit an outfit
just nothing felt right for the first time i wear them.

i then moved to my fabric stash trying to figure what i would do for my heels... i came across the left over scrap of fabric from the vintage style aiplane print i used to make my nephew his shorts. i knew this would be perfect!

1 hr later i had an awesome skirt and perfect outfit for the morning

i did get plenty of compliments on the way this all came together
i am more than pleased myself <3

what do you think of my last minute outfit?


  1. Nude heels are definitely a good investment. They can (theoretically) match anything, and they also give the illusion of longer legs!

    I love the airplane print of the skirt. You must have quite the skirt collection, at the rate you're stitching them up :)

  2. thanks love <3

    i can definitely use longer legs =P

    my closet is suddenly busting at the seams... i no longer like to wear store bought clothes... may have to do a goodwill run soon

  3. Hi :) I just found your blog through craftster :)

    I just wanted to say I love this outfit ^.^ It's so cute. I love the fabric of your skirt and the shoes and the cardie.....all awesome!

  4. Hi Lauren =D that is so rad! thanks a bunch