Sunday, July 3, 2011

my newfound pattern obsession

holy cow! after successfully using my first commercial pattern i feel my world has opened up!
i have no idea why i had such a huge fear to start hahah =P

i have been collecting a few patterns while i dreamt of the day i would no longer fear them
and i also grabbed a few new ones today (99cents at joanns, happy independence day to me)

i now have a decent collection to begin with

here is a small introduction to my fashion world...

i have already started making a list of  more to buy when each brand goes on 99cents sale again
time to go make my aunt another hat =D


  1. Great picks! I love all the dress patterns :)

    I have a small collection of commercial patterns, but to be honest, except for 1 (which I used in a HS class), I've never actually used any of them =X I'm kind of a stubborn seamstress and I'd rather wing my own than follow directions and risk poor fit. I think when I learn to alter patterns properly, I'll start using patterns more often.

    I can't wait to see how your patterns work out, though! Perhaps if you have some luck with them, it'll inspire me use some :)

  2. thanks <3 i had no faith in myself using commercial patterns until i tried a simple hat this weekend... now i am more than excited to move on to clothing. once i understand how clothes come together and take shape better i figure ill be able to draft more than circles and rectangles hahaha