Sunday, February 19, 2012

chillin and grillin weekend

howdy! i have had a heck of a time these last 2 weeks. i was playing mysetery diagnosis with my poor uncle. thank godness we finally figured out what is wrong. it has been treated and he will be fine. but with school, work, and all that drama  i have been way too tired this weekend to do much.

i found this cool plastic chain at Michael's which i knew would look rad with my perler beads bow. i am so in love with this necklace!
 here i am rocking it right after it was assembled. it is so bold on its own that i definitely need to wear a plain shirt when i wear this necklace.
 on saturday i went over to have coffee with miss ann and she invited me to an afternoon show downtown sunday afternoon. it was a nice soulful R+B singer Sean Jones. i don't think miss ann knew a lot of the music but she enjoyed the show nonetheless.
either way we had so much fun getting dressed up. she was so happy to see me in the hat she gave me. i felt so glamourous <3
 i went grocery shopping this morning and was so stoked to come across these pink lemonade cookies! i cannot wait to try them. i also saw pink lemonade frosting but will try that another time. and the best thing ever is that
yes! cadbury eggs are my all time favorite seasonal candies. i wish i had them year round!
 i always look for marked down meats when grocery shopping. (i always cook them within 24hrs of buying them) i found some steelhead fillets marked down 50%. the price was too good to pass up, so even though i had no idea what kind of fish this is or how to cook it, i had to buy them. so i researched and found out the meat of this fish holds together well enough to grill. i had never grilled before but figured now's as good a time as any to learn
 the fish was already seasoned so it went straight from package to the grill. i was a bit creeped out  by the scales but glad to find out they burn off when grilled. the meat just slides right off them!
 i served the grilled steelhead with white rice and a stir fry mix of veggies seasoned with dried basil leaves
 for this week's dessert i made strawberrylicious cupcakes. strawberry cake mix with 6 blended fresh strawberries added to the batter covered with strawberry frosting and sprinkles. i always make 24 regular size supcakes and use whatever batter is left over t make mini cupcakes with my mini cupcake machine <3
i joined another craft swap at this one is a bookmark swap. i have 4 people to make a bookmark for: 2 in the Us, 1 in Germany, and 1 in Mexico. Each of them will be sending me a crafted bookmark back. I have all the supplies i need to get this started and will probably begin tomorrow after work.... maybe tonight after a bowl of cereal since my distractions (penny and thea of course) are alseep

Things I learned this week:
-don't overthink symptoms when someone is sick. but never be afraid to get worse ideas ruled out
-grilled fish is extra yummy (i like anything off a grill really)
-grilling is not hard at all... who says it should be something only for the boys to do?!?
-lack of sleep leads to super silly mistakes. at least i can laugh at myself
-grocery shopping is WAY more fun when you cook

here's to hoping next week is better than last week!

Lily Bean

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