Wednesday, February 8, 2012

spotlight: my cowgirl apron. yeehaw!

Well hello my lovelies. As promised, i am posting tonight about my new apron. i have made a few aprons already but none have ever been for myself. since i have become so obsessed with cooking and baking i knew i needed my own apron. not only for function but because it ups the cute factor. and no matter what a girl is doing, when she feels cute she does it better. am i right?

so last saturday i got right to sewing to be fashionable by the time i started cooking dinner.
i am more than pleased with how adorable this came out!
 naturally i went with pink and black. i added a sweetheart neckline and ruffles to bring the girlie girl right out.
 my pocket is heart shaped
 here's a close-up of the fabric. i love the western accents
 this shot is to show that the whole thing is trimmed in pink binding. really brings it all together
 I have also recently made this quilted mug rug. i still need some quilting practive before trying a true quilt
 today i dug deep in my stash and played with my perler beads. i have not done this in a while! i made this bow...
 this heart...
 and this turtle
 i think i will be making these all into fun necklaces. i just noticed i did a lot of heart shapes this week... guess im feeling valentine-y

i have a bunch of things cut out and ready to sew... not just to sit down and do it. im also working on knitting my penny pup a sweater. hope to finish it before spring =P

i have my first test in Anatomy/Physiology2 a week and a half from today, better get to studying

wish me luck!

Lily Bean


  1. First, adorable apron. So you. The pocket is so cute.

    And i love that perler beads are coming back. Will you be doing anything with the bow? I could see you wearing it in your hair.

    1. Thanks so much! that is so sweet.

      i was going to put the bow on a clip but its a bit too big. i will be making it into a simple necklace. i promise to post pix when i have the chain =D
      trying to figure out how to scale it down without losing too much detail to make one for my hair