Saturday, February 25, 2012

ready for spring! button ring tutorial

Hello my lovelies! I think I definitely got my crafting mojo back yesterday! i knocked out a few projects that have been sitting half-done for months in my sewing area. i can't wait to share them all with you! but even more exciting is that i made a tutorial... hooray! I haven't made one in a while and i really do love sharing any crafty knowledge, tips, and tricks i know with you all

so now i bring you: my button ring tutorial
this project is super quick and simple

all you need:
some braided elastic
needle & thread
fun buttons
glue (if button has a shank)

choose the buttons you want to layer on your ring.
I chose these 2 sets with topper buttons that had a shank
and this set with buttons that all had sewing holes in them
 for those of you who don't know, the ring on the bottom of buttons used to sew it on is called a shank. i had no idea when i first started my button obsession. 
 i used some wire cutters to remove the shanks from my daisy and sunglasses
 after you trim you may still have some rough edges. depending on how flat you need the top button to lay you may  be able to ignore this.
 next step is measuring out your elastic. be sure to get snug on your finger but not to the point of stretching the ellastic. let it overlap a bit and then cut
 sew up both ends of the elastic. at this point ALWAYS try the elastic ring on to be sure it fits right. its a terrible feeling when you have sewn and glued all your buttons down and the ring is too big or too small
sew your main button onto the elastic positioning it over the overlapped elastic
 you are almost done
 here are my base buttons sewn on 
if you are layering more buttons that can be sewn on then you will just continue sewing a few rounds until both buttons are secure 
 this ring has 3 layers of buttons that can be sewn. i just added the topper once the middle was secure and sewed a few more rounds until they were all secure.
 then you can tie off your thread
 for the other 2 rings, i had the daisy and sunglasses to be the topper. i needed the sunglasses to lie flat, so i used a dremel to sand down the rest of the shank
 see, much smoother now
 glue the toppers on and enjoy your awesome new button rings

i would love to see the rings you come up with!
Lily Bean


  1. Cute!! I was reading this in bed, and now I'm up looking at my buttons. Haha! I can't believe I've never thought of this! Thanks for the great tutorial. :)