Thursday, August 23, 2012

hooray! i won a blog award

wowwie! a million thanks to Michele over at follow me home! She passed on the the Liebster Blog Award to me and 10 other blogs.
Okay. Here are the rules:

1. Please give your most honest (or creative) answers to my eleven questions.

2. Come up with 11 questions of your own. (Make them awesome, and if you get juicy answers, link back to me!)

3. Choose 11 of your favorite bloggers to pass the award onto..They must have FEWER than 200 followers. I love this part because you're finding and introducing new bloggers to the blogging universe and letting them know that they matter. How cool is that?
okay... here goes. Michele's 11 questions and my best answers:

1. What was the title of your very first post and what was it about?
oh dear, i have to look back lol... my title was intro to my short sewing history... and it was, well and introduction to my sewing history lol. i started blogging to chronicle my progress not only so i could share it with distant family and friends but to help others who were starting just the same. i wanted all my mistakes and accomplishments out there in hopes of inspiring other newbies

2. How did you come up with the name of your blog?
my original blog name was "My Road to Sewing" because it was stricly progress in that area. as i grew as a person and wanted to expand my horizons i changed it to "needles, eggshells, and hairspray". I am trying to learn to knit and will continue sewing (needles), decided it was time to be a big girl and learn how to cook (eggshells), and love hair and make-up and will attempt a few hair tutes one day (hairspray)

3. Do you have an underground blog or does everyone in your world know you write it?
everyone in my world knows... i am a leo after all hahaha i cant do anything without plastering it for all to see

4. Have you ever had to deal with negative comments?
thankfully i have not. but i do see negative comments on other blogs and i just dont understand people who leave them. who has that much time to go out of their way to be mean?

5. What is your worst pet peeve?
wow! what can i truly not stand... i have a few but the worst would be bad driving. i cannot stand when people drive wreckless or are not courteous. i am from southern california so road rage is in my blood and boy do i get worked up when i share the road with these people. but i keep all the hollering to my own car, i dont get crazy because i dont want to perpetuate the problem. i swear my drive home gives me high blood pressure hahaha so please everyone, remember to be courteous and drive like your precious baby is in the back seat

6. Do you think it's important to respond to every comment?
i do try to say soomething to every comment i receive, even if only a simple thank you. i want my readers to know that i appreciate their time and feedback. although i am really not sure how many commenters return to see a response

7. Do you blog for money? If yes, has it been worth it?
no i don't... i don't think i have enough readers for it to be worth it but i started this much more as a diary then an income. plus i blog so inconsistently with school and when life happens that i cant expect my readers to be consistent.

8. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. One day. What would you eat?
right off the bat i know dinner would be tacos! man i love me some tacos! ground beef with sour cream, cheese, tomato, cilantro, and onion! mmm mmm
breakfast is harder because its one of my fave meals of the day and i love so many brekkie dishes. i would have to go with cream cheese and fruit crepes. with hashbrowns! plenty of hashbrowns! and some extra-crunchy-about-to-crumble bacon.
for lunch i would take a vegemite cheese and avocado sandwich with some chips or french fries
and just before bed some freshly juiced fruits, veggies, and greens to feed my body's cells
wow! that question made me hungry

9. Who was your favorite teacher in school and why?
without question my favorite teacher was my first grade teacher mrs. schaefer. i may ramble on "why" because she really left a mark on my life. when i was very young she had come to my bempa's house to give me and my older brother swimming lessons and i still remember learning how to kick the water with her. she was Ms. Birdsaw when my brother was in her class but she got married the summer before i entered first grade. she had her wedding reception at the school hall. i was on campus that saturday for a baseball game. i had to go to the restroom and when i passed by the hall i was so taken aback by seeing my new teacher dancing away. i still remember the song that was playing: what i like about you by the romantics. every time i hear that song i am transported to that day. TEACHERS ARE PEOPLE WHO GET MARRIED AND DANCE TOO! what?!?! so i went into first grade already thinking she was the coolest of the cool far as teachers go.
my bempa used to suprise me and my cousins (we all went to the same school) with arby's for lunch. that was always a treat. and i always knew it was coming when the classroom phone rang and i heard mrs. schaefer ask for one with cheese.
she was an amazing person and great teacher!

10. At this moment in your life, are you content?
at this point i am content but i know there are bigger better things waiting for me. i have to stay focused on my school and once these 2 years pass by my dreams can start to take form. i can concentrate much more on the cooking and crafts that make me happy all while having a decent, simple job that pays well and i will be working from home. i will truly be happy when i am done with school. less stress and much more time for fun.

11. Do you see yourself blogging for the long haul?
i do. i enjoy blogging alot. it doesnt matter how many people actually read or even glance at my blog (although the more the merrier right). i do it because i truly enjoy it. i may not be the best at blogging all the time right now but when i have more free time to actually cook and craft then i will follow up much more with blogging about these things.
so now it is my turn to pay it forward. here are the eleven blogs which i follow and would like to pass the Liebster Blog award on to (in no particular order of course, they are all equally awesome):
phew! that took a while. i enjoy every blog that i read how could i narrow it down?? a few of the blogs i follow religiously don't have a # of followers so i had some trouble. plus most blogs i follow have more than 200... had no idea itd be that difficult.
and now for the harder part... time to come up withh 11 questions for the above winners...

1) what inspired you to start a blog?
2) you're stranded on a deserted island... cliche i know but always fun to imagine. so what craft supply , ingredient, and/or style product can you not live without? why?
3) how long did it take you to come up with a name for your blog? why did you choose what you finally decided on?
4) what has been your proudest moment that you have blogged about?
5) where did you learn your skill (cooking/crafting/style)? were you professionally taught? skills handed down in family? or just a natural all on your own (if so, lucky dog you)?
6) what was the very first completed project/dish you blogged about?
7) which celebrity or public figure (past or present) do you admire most and why?
8) who do you aim to reach with your blog?
9) how often do you read other people's blogs? which types of blogs get your attention?
10) what subjects do you avoid on your blog?
11) what is your favorite quote and why? (doesn't have to be official... can be something your kid said or you heard on TV... just something awesome)
so there you have it! congrats to those whom i chose and a HUGE thanks to Michele for choosing me and my blog <3
Lily Bean


  1. Yay, Lily! Didn't that take Fo-evah to finish? Congrats once again on your award. I loved your answers. Especially the one about your first grade teacher. I bet she would love hearing what you had to say. I still see some of my Kindergarten students at the grocery. When they call me out with their grown up bodies and low voices, I immediately see their five year old faces. It's a wonderful feeling. Oh, and I looooove me some tacos too. Stay content and good luck with school. I'll keep reading :)

    1. you are not kidding! i started last night and just barely finished. i wish i could tell my teacher how much she meant but she passed away in a car accident about 4 years ago. i have been trying to get ahold of her husband tho to share the memories i have. i am sure hed appreciate that