Sunday, January 29, 2012

a whole new blog look... and my latest obsession: hats

Well hello! as i promised i have made some changes and may make a few more tweaks here or there until my blog feels like it fits just right. since my world is expanding so much and my posts are no longer soley based on sewing adventures i changed my blog title. this is no longer "my road to sewing"  but has evolved into "needles, eggshells, and hairspray...". (i will break down my new title in my about me page)

i hope you are as excited about things to come as I am!

do you remember that red cloche hat i fell in love with earlier this month?
well i was right! it went down to $5 and now... it is mine! So glad I waited!
 i also picked up 3 other hats for $5 each. They all originally cost $16.99 and i managed to snag them all for $20! so proud of me!
I love this wide brim cloche in neutral browns. I wore it to work Thursday and received so many compliments. little did they know it was hiding my pink locks haha
 here is another neutral brown cloche with a leopard strip all around. you may have already noticed, i go nuts for anything animal print!
 and lastly, i got this deep brown floppy hat. i feel so old hollywood glamour in all of these!
which is your favorite?

yesterday i went to visit my 90 year old neighbor, Miss Ann. she is really the cutest thing! she still lives alone and i see her walking her dogs everyday! i just wanted to stop in and take her some cupcakes but she wouldn't allow me to leave so quickly. we got to talking and she got to reminiscing. as soon as she mentioned the war era i told her how much i love the glamour of the time and that i had just bought these hats
she got so excited and pulled out all her vintage hats to show me!

she put this red cowgirl hat on me and said i looked so cute and the hat should belong to me.
it is a Sonni from San Francisco, just not sure what year. 
you can imagine my excitement! i could hardly believe it! she then also told me i could pick 1 more hat . I picked this vintage black one with a veil
 i love the little "claws".
now i just need to figure out how to store these babies! i think im in need of hat boxes for sure. just trying to figure out how i can make them or buy them cheap...
any ideas or suggestions?

tomorrow's post: this weekend's meals

Lily Bean


  1. How cool that your neighbor gave you some of her vintage hats! Were all the $5 hats from Target? I need to make a little trip and maybe pick one up for me. Cloches and floppy hats are my favorites!

    1. miss ann is the cutest little old lady! i already asked if i can interview her for my blog =D
      all the hats i bought were clearance marked down to $5. there were some others that were like $7. all pretty much cloche and floppy. this is a new obsession for me. today i decided i need hat pins =P