Tuesday, September 4, 2012

birthday $$ + texas tax free weekend = new clothes

(the following was written 2 weeks ago when i was having photo issues)
hello again!
as i mentioned before i have been doing some shopping.
my birthday just passed (august 5th... im 26 now! when did that happen??) and i had saved all money and gift cards. last weekend was Texas Tax Free Weekend for back to school shopping. almost all items for back to school are tax free including clothes. so you know me... anytime something is on sale in any way i like to strike. and i had saved all my birthday dubloons knowing the shopping holiday was around the corner.
i started promptly at midnight (yes, i called walmart and asked if the tax free started at midnight lol) i was suprised that there wasn't many people in walmart at the time (its usually packed around the clock here). here is what i got that trip:
i snagged up these cute blue jeans for $11. he fitting rooms were closed (and i always have to try on bottoms) but i grabbed my best guess and figured i could exchange if i needed to
so i wore them the next morning and was IN LOVE! best fit ever
i had been eyeballing this shirt for a few weeks. i told myself if they had my size for tax free weekend it's mine and if not... well then im just too old for silly tshirts now and have to grow up. so glad they had it =P only $5
i also grabbed some school supplies and plain black and white tank tops (you can never have too many)
then on saturday afternoon i ended up at the mall and at another walmart.
the other walmart had these pants that i have been wanting so badly!  grey leopard print with red roses! how cute right. $20
i saw these red jeans while i was in line for the fitting rooms and decided they needed to come home with me too $18 and a great fit
another shirt i had been eyeing. on clearance for $7
i love the halter "necklace"
 i grabbed this cute cami tank in black and white $4 each
i love the touch of lace
 i was lucky enough to find more of those blue jeans i had grabbed on my midnight run the night before. they only had 1 pair and it was my size... meant to be! when i find an article of clothing that fits that good i always try to buy 2 or 3.
so at the mall i couldnt resist seeing what forever 21 had in store. i tried to hurry since the whole family (my nephews and the whole crew) was at the mall and i was the only one who wanted to go to forever 21. but i did spot this cute top for $5
sunday i made sure to go to target
i always find soemthing i love there
i found 3 adorable cardigans all on clearance for $11
one in yellow starbust
pink starburst
and this purple pattern which i wasn't sure i was going to like until i put it on, then i loved it
this straw cowgirl hat for $5
this cute straw hat for $5
the week after tax free weekend i ended up at the mall again
(starting christmas chopping early so it hits the wallet less at once)
i got all 8 of these items for $7.50... Jewelry Box of course
spider ring
bluebird ring
superstar ring
2 large hair flowers
3 pairs of a medium and small flower

and these next 3 items i didnt purchase but wanetd to share
they were given to me in the same time frame
this adorable hat
this awesome day of the dead marilyn shirt
and this super awesome zombie bettie wallet
i am super happy with everything and after gift cards and birthday $$ i spent less than $80
i am so ready for the fall
i know i cried and cried for summer but i am so over this desert heat and ready for some cooler temps
i bought fabric to make a mermaid skirt for my halloween costume and should start that within the next week
until next time
Lily Bean


  1. beautiful cap ! Thanks for the great thought and positivity.

  2. Loving that zombie pin-up tee shirt!! And all those cardis. :-) You're making me wish I could refresh my wardrobe. Retail therapy is the best.

    1. that shirt was a suprise =) and it fits like a glove! i dont get to refresh often but when i do its usually tax free time and i buy whats on clearance or sale or only at walmart. thats why i need to get to sewing more so i can get better and refresh my wardrobe on a dime
      i also love retail therapy <#

  3. Wow, that is quite the haul. I love Target's sweaters. I bet everything looks great on you.

    Also, Texas Tax Free Weekend sounds amazing.