Thursday, September 6, 2012

ready for fall to tumble in

wow! so i am already 2 weeks into the fall semester (14 to go lol)
these 4 classes will take me right to christmas!
my schedule is a bit crazy... but nothing like summer semester
this is a general week mini breakdown:
i start work every day at 6 now
monday and wednesday i have 2 classes, one in the morning and one in the evening. both at the campus about 30 mins from home
tues and thurs 1 class in the afternoon at the campus 5 mins from home
fri, sat, and sun no school... but i do have an online class to squeeze in some time for

i am already doing pretty well at adjusting to this and finding that i have enough extra time for cooking, crafting, and blogging much more these days

i want to get back to cooking all meals on weekends... i have pinned enough meals to get me through haha
i cannot wait to try so many recipes!
i also made a facebook acct for my blog. i will update it everytime i post

i am planning on being a mermaid for halloween and bought some fabric to make the fin myself
that is the first project on my to-do list. i hope it is at least 1/2 as cool as im imagining it

i have always been a california summer girl, but these days living in the desert has turned me into more of a fall/spring girl... i am so ready to beat the heat
i am done with summer!
(never though id say that)
thanks for hanging in there with me through all the ups and downs that have slowed down my blogging over the last year
hoping i should never have a semester as bad as last summer so i should be able to keep much more on top of this game
so far i have not been great with my New Year's Resolution and there's only 4 months until it's time to make a new one! this last month i have actually given more effort to always be "put together". i guess i had to turn 26 before it set in that i am an adult haha. and i have behaved well in all my recent shopping escapades, always asking "is this something punk-high-school Bean likes, or is this appropriate for grown-up Bean as well".
you are all watching my change from caterpillar to butterfly

let fall bring:
-bettie bangs and blowdryers
-cozy layers of fun clothes
-cooking and baking new recipes
-more chances to play hard with the pups without fear of overheating
-"the time change" so i am not waking for work in the dark
-another straight As semester *fingers crossed*
-plenty of time for cooking and crafting, especially sewing new clothes
AND... (dare i say...)
i am so ready to put more of me out there and hope to see more of you here as well
Lily Bean

(i thought this cute lil cookie was fitting since it's a caterpillar and super cute. i already ate the lil guy though. he was tasty)

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