Sunday, September 30, 2012

i totally miscalculated my time...

Hi everyone! Wow was i ever wrong about calculating my time the first few weeks of school! i won't try to recalculate or make any promises for fear of jinxing myself again hahaha
i will just say i think i caught up and i will not let myself fall behind again (i hope) and if all goes as planned i should be able to squeeze in a bit of cooking and crafting

mini update on school:
intro to lit has quickly become my favorite class. go figure, the class i was most terrified of i am actually enjoying. i guess i like my teacher's style and the way he challenges us to think. i did get an A on my first test =) felt so good!!

pharmacology is super interesting and i love learning about disease and disorders. this class has been an eye opener and i am now even more glad that i choose to handle most health issues by avoiding them or fighting back naturally

computers in healthcare has actually been my biggest struggle so far but i thinnk once we get past computer history (borrrrring) the i will be good with updated info that i feel i will actually use

health data has made me want to pay attention to the news and politics... weird, i know haha. my poor family has to deal with me and my usual "did you know?" information except with this class its about medicare history and they dont seem too interested haha

my saturdays became a bit hectic because i joined a zumba class in the morning and signed penny up for obedience school in the afternoon. i am thoroughly enjoying both but that sucked up some time of course. i didn't think i was going to like zumba at all but my friend talked me into trying it and im hooked. it kicked my butt and the first day i couldnt even get through the full class without taking a break because my heart felt like it was going to pop and i couldnt breathe hahaha.i was embarassed by how out of shape i am.but i love every butt-kicking minute
as for penny's class she is making progress. she is very smart and im not having much trouble with normal commands but the poor girl cannot figure out tricks. i cant get her to shake to save my life. and she is learning to socialize better which was my primary reason for signing her up

today was the first day since my last blog that i have had free time. i almost forgot what it felt like to have some fun. i was going to start sewing my mermaid tail but i got lost on pinterest and decided to bake a quick treat instead (my next post will be the recipe). i did finally make time to dye my hair though. it was getting to be so washed out and was desperately needing color

i used color fiend in red rum. i have about half a bottle of that and then ill be down to half a bottle of blue then its back to black. i felt sad knowing i wont see the pink for a while. im just using these last 2 random bottles i have left before going back to natural so i can conform for clinicals in school (booo to being normal haha)
so off i go to type the recipe for the pastry i just made.
missed you all!
Little Lily Red Bean

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