Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I cut my hair... but this time with style

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Hello my pretties.
As I have mentioned before, I always do my own hair. I have been cutting my own hair since I was old enough to use anything sharper than safety scissors. Some cuts better than others, and some on more appropriate days than others.
On the night before my Nino Bobby's wedding where I was the flower girl: not the best idea a 6 year old has ever had. Thankfully my mom was able to curl my hair to hide the imperfections.
My mom had a vintage doll head toy that she had brought from my grandma's house so I could play and style the long blonde hair... VINTAGE...
I was proud of the bob I gave her, as for my mom... not so much.
When I was 15 my parents enrolled me in Cosmetology school and I was happy as a clam. I never did graduate but I completed half the hours, so I learned plenty.
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 I have only had 3 or 4 professional cuts my whole life. Other than that, it has been all me. I  usually play it safe when cutting my own hair since I am not behind myself and I am standing instead of sitting (posture can be an issue). I keep my hair fairly long and sometimes layer the front. You have probably seen my "Bettie Bangs" pop up every Fall and stay until late winter. That about sums up my "styling" when I cut my own hair.

I have been getting pretty bored with my hair lately. I decided no Bettie Bangs this year because then my hair will be at strange lengths for grad. I also have not been able to add the fun colors I usually do due to my clinical rotation at a hospital for school.
For someone who is accustomed to changing her hair at any given thought, this has been very hard. I can't see my hair exactly the same month after month. I just can't.

These are the most recent pictures showing how my hair was prior to my cut. It was all one length in the back with only a bit of layering in the front. I was in desperate need of a trim.

 photo 101_5828_zps7f09672f.jpg  photo 101_5827_zps67192596.jpg
 photo 101_5810_zps36abc55a.jpg  photo 101_5809_zps6eeafea1.jpg

I have been watching a ton of vintage movies because September is "Sundays with Hitch" on Turner Classic Movies. I decided I need more than just a trim. I needed a real style. A proper cut that will hold whatever I am in the mood for, retro or modern.
I was scared of the idea for at least a week.
Then last Sunday after I had finished everything I needed to prepare for my week ahead, bathed the dogs, and done my chores; I realized I had a little extra time left over for the night. So when I got in the shower I left my shears on the bathroom sink, ready to work magic when I got out.
While in the shower I thought up how I was going to cut my hair and decided I wouldn't go back on it. I had the courage and my shears ready so I went right to it.
Instead of sticking to my usual, safe trim: I went for it. I was scared I would ruin it but figured it would grow back anyway haha.
I cut shorter than usual. Anyone who knows me knows that hair that doesn't touch my back bra strap may as well be a bob. For someone who usually has hair to her lower back, this is short haha
I also added a TON of layers all over my head. Not just the front this time.

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So now my hair has more volume, holds my natural waves better, and will hold curl better (when it isn't raining cats and dogs outside).
I love it!
I feel more grown up and feel much more like brushing my hair now.
You can't have a proper cut and always leave in a messy bun, right.

Lily Bean
one very proud beauty school dropout

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