Monday, September 2, 2013

New Ink: Pin Up Study Bug

Hey everyone! Remember that ink I mentioned last week...
well I have uploaded the pictures to show off my pinup study bug

 photo 5_zps40b0e16a.jpg

Here is the last picture of my arm without the ink... Trying out the stencil
You may notice the stencil does not have a necklace. It was when I took this picture that I realized all she was missing was some pearls. I asked my artist to add the pearl necklace and he threw on the earrings as well. Perfect!

 photo 1_zpsf7693c35.jpg

Working on the outline, here is the brain

 photo 2_zpsc012c7d0.jpg

Beginning to color and shade from the bottom up
All the books are some of my favorite school subjects
She is reading Anatomy (my absolute fave)
and sitting on Pathophysiology, Intro to HITT, CPT, Literature, ICD-9, and Law and Ethics

 photo 101_5840_zps5e8d6165.jpg

Working up, shading the dress and skin

 photo 3_zps8163046d.jpg

Coloring her hair

 photo 4_zpsd5705495.jpg

and 3 HOURS LATER... yes, 3 hours. I hit my pain threshold on this one. I even left polka dots on the chair I was in hahaha 
here she is
my pin up study bug learning about the brain

 photo 101_5841_zps31567ea0.jpg

Once again, a big thanks to Alex! He never lets me down.
I love all the details that bring this tattoo to life

 photo 101_5842_zpsc24cef63.jpg
Lily Bean

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