Tuesday, September 17, 2013

8 More Months...

Hello my lovelies!
Well, I had big plans to sew last weekend... HAD
but then I got sick =(
It rained for days here and it was perfect time to get some sewing in. When my  Thursday class was cancelled due to minor flooding around town I started cutting out some patterns. I was ready to sew the whole weekend long.
My plans changed when I started to feel awful Friday. I slept all day, all night, and most of Saturday. I then had to use Sunday to play catch up on all my chores and prepping for school clinicals. So I have not sewn any of it
My schedule should not be so bad this semester with clinicals as it was before. But I need to adjust to it before I can see if I can keep sewing or need to shelf my Singer until Winter break.
I will keep you posted =)
I just dropped by to say that, as of yesterday,
8 more months!!!!!
Lily Bean
study bug

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