Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My First Maxi Dress (McCall's M6559 View D) and a Fun Apron (Simpicity Sew Simple A2011)

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 Hey there guys and dolls.
As you may have noticed, maxi dresses have been in style lately. I have wanted one so, so bad but have always felt like I was too tall standing at 5'1.
Well, after seeing so many of my friends tall and short rocking the maxi look, I decided I could too. I knew with the right dress I wouldn't feel like a child playing in my mom's pajamas hahaha. So when McCall's patterns went on sale I made a point to get a few maxi dresses.
This is the first one I made
McCall's M6559 View D 

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I am very proud of how well I matched my stripes on the side seam

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I have fallen in love with this pattern and think I will make one more tomorrow (if time permits). It was so easy! I think this is a great dress for someone who is new to sewing with knits (like myself). I managed my side seams perfectly bit I did stretch my hem seams out a bit. Any tips from you seasoned sewers?

This is the first "form fitting" dress I have sewn and I think I did a great job of blending the sizes needed. It helped me gain some confidence with adjusting pattern sizing for my body. Maybe I will be ready to make a form fitting dress in cotton weave soon... maybe haha
And a photo shoot would not be complete without a puppy in a picture hahaha. Here is my Theadora exploring my new dress.

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I also made a new apron last week.
My first time using a pattern to make one.
I used Simplicity Sew Simple A2011
I chose the unicorns and rainbows as my main fabric and baby pink gingham for the details. I did not have enough matching ric rac in my stash and couldn't decide which shade of pink I liked better... so I used both to line my pockets.

 photo 101_5853_zpsaccf2308.jpg

I got a few shots with the apron on as well
 photo 101_5857_zps2a076915.jpg

 I adore it and love the "bib" pocket!
I can't wait for the Fall/Winter days of baking
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 I am so over the summer right now and ready to get some use out of my new apron!
Lily Bean
(p.s. School started last week but I am trying to use every waking moment to sew before things kick into gear for the semester)


  1. Hi! So I am in the process of making this apron. I have cut out and have pinned my pleats. But I am brand new to sewing. I am currently taking a beginners sewing class but I also wanted to work on something at home, which is why I am working on this apron. I have a couple of question about the sewing instruction sheet. The first step says to baste the pleats after you pin them. Did you hand baste or machine baste?

    Also, I am a little nervous about sewing with the rick rack. Any tips? This is literally my first sewing project (I just learned to fill my bobbin and thread my machine last night) so any tips would be great!

    1. Hi Mary Jane =) First of all, good luck on your sewing adventures!
      When I need to baste anything I almost always machine baste. Just use a long, straight stitch and sew inside the seam allowance so it can be hidden if you don't remove it.
      I gave this pattern to my sister for her first ever project and she found she struggled a bit too. Especially with the ric rac on the pockets.
      I did not add the ric rac around the whole apron mainly because I ran out and have no patience to stop a project until I go to the store. (I had made this entirely from what I have on stock at home). I am looking at the instructions for the ric rac around the whole thing and you should be okay to line up the ric rac's center on the stitch line. You can probably even use a wider ric rac so it will be easier and more visible. For the ric rac around the pockets, first be sure you iron down the folded raw edges really good so they won't roll or unfold back. Then line up your ric rac with half of it over the edge. Pin as often as much as you need for it to stay in place and keep the rounded shape. Stich slowly so you can be sure you are sewing on the area of the ric rac that is covering the seam.

      Don't be afraid to make mistakes, we are all best friends with our seam ripper. Everything I have learned has been from the internet or trial and error. I went to a sewing class for one day, just to learn how to read patterns and properly measure my body. Always remember that sewing should be fun and relaxing. Just laugh off your mistakes and learn from them. Kind of like real life =P
      I hope this was helpful. Have fun and just keep practicing. You will be more comfortable with your skills and your machine before you know it

    2. Thank you so much! I am nervous to start but you are right, that is what the seam ripper is for. I may be back tonight with more questions. So thankful I found your blog!

    3. It is normal to be nervous =) I still get nervous when I am cutting a pattern =P
      I am here if I can help with anything else. I have not blogged much in the last few months because of school but I see when comments get added so feel free.
      Good luck!! I am sure you will do great and learn alot

    4. I did it! Well, I did it over the course of two weeks, lol. I learned some valuable lessons re: rick rack. That stuff is no joke. But I am happy with the way the apron turned out. I am planning to debut it on Thanksgiving.

      Thanks again for all your tips! I look forward to reading your blog when you have time for projects again.

    5. Hoorays! so glad you finished it and learned from it. What's your next project? I hve to get some Christmas sewing in. tonight is my final day of the semester... woohoo!