Friday, December 20, 2013

I just want to sew and cook and bake and sew!

Hello my lovelies!
Only 5 days left until Christmas!! I am starting to feel the excitement building!
All gifts are wrapped and sitting by the tree

But I don't have my Christmas dress sewn up yet!!
Oh no!!
I started testing a pattern yesterday but realized I didn't like the way it will fit my two fabric options...

So I just picked 2 more patterns and start cut one tonight.

In fact, I picked 7 patterns to hope to get through before school starts again

Oh shoot! I still need to pick fabric to make my graduation dress
so I have 8 items to get through then haha

I only have 4 weeks left of break
This week has gone so fast! Going through all the education at work (because of my promotion to coder) has been exhausting. Thankfully I only have a few classes left.

I snapped some pictures of my sewing plans... Here they are. Wish me luck in time management haha

Simplicity 1797 View C
This is the dress I am now working on for Christmas
(could not figure out why the image would not rotate, sorry)

 photo IMG_0122_zpsf6b2882b.jpg

McCall's M6699
I want this one for Christmas Eve or day if I can finish 2 dresses in the next few days.
I plan on getting some grey for the contrast

 photo IMG_0120_zpsc57b0f6e.jpg

McCall's M6534
I have been wanting to make a Hello Kitty dress for a while. I found this fabric in the remnants bin one day but it is only a yard. It will be perfect for this style dress.  I will use the fuschia on the skirt of the dress.

 photo IMG_0121_zps55e9847f.jpg

M6407 View A
I think this flannel will make an adorable little jacket. I want to make the collar solid pink.

 photo IMG_0119_zpsda01ac49.jpg

M6681 View A
I have been wanting to make this cute little hoodie for a while. In fact, it has been cut for months. I hope to make it before it gets hot =P

 photo IMG_0117_zps8621c18b.jpg

I want to make a few flannel skirts. Especially now that I have riding boots =)

 photo IMG_0116_zps31810d02.jpg

New Look A6184 View E
This is the dress I cut and started prepping last night. I will finish it, but it is on the back burner since it is no longer the pattern I want for Christmas.

 photo IMG_0123_zps28c9abe2.jpg

Also, since I am on break, I will be cooking as much as I can too. I haven't spent real time in the kitchen in a while and I sure do miss it. The other day at Barnes and Noble I found an awesome recipe book and want to use these recipes for any meal or dessert I cook up while on break.
Click here. I added a link to the book.

 photo IMG_0124_zps95aa80a3.jpg

I have already picked a few recipes to try out. I will share them with you here as I try them. I will also rate them on flavor and simplicity.

Well, off I go to try and keep this momentum.

 photo IMG_0049_zps9121922b.jpg

Lily Bean
Winter Berry Faerie

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