Monday, December 16, 2013

Winter Break and a Short Dress (McCall's M6559 View C)

Anybody still there? I was much busier than I expected these last 3 months. 
Just before I disappeared I had finished a short jersey knit dress (McCall's M6559 in View C)

I never did have a chance to post the pictures, so here you go:

 photo 101_5884_zpsb6061976.jpg

I love that I can wear it in the summer as is...

 photo 101_5883_zps820de6a0.jpg

...or in the winter with tights, a cardigan, and boots

 photo IMG_0092_zpse8c01411.jpg

The above picture brings me to my next order of business

I missed a post for 6 months

 photo 1459808_10201197674759023_810103516_n_zps30d6c5c9.jpg

and 7 months

 photo 101_5955_zpsd99e34db.jpg

So i have 5 weeks off before beginning my last semester EVER
I have a lot to accomplish in these 5 weeks
some christmas gift sewing, my christmas dress, my graduation dress, and anything else i can manage to squeeze in

But the most important thing I will be doing this during these 5 weeks off school is learning my new position at work.
I was promoted to Coder!!! yeeeaaaahh!!!
20 people applied and I was the only one who passed the test. and I not only passed, but passed with 100% correct!

what a great way to start the new year!

Glad to be back and hope to get lots of posts in before my 5 weeks of freedom are up.
Lily Bean

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  1. Super cute dress! Love the color. (I found you/this post on Pinterest, btw.)