Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Discovered a new fabric shop...

Sew this weekend I finally ventured to downtown and checked out a cute little mom an pop fabric shop

it's not a huge store, and its not super organized... but the prices are great! and they have all kinds of fun notions as well! i bought like 10 zippers just to have on hand. bins full of fabric at 99c per yard. i grabbed some blue and pink jersey knit in that bin!
i did not let myself go nuts because i can easily blow tons of cash on fabric... but i did allow a little fun =D i got some super cute fabric that i am working on making into another cute dress
i do see myself going back soon...

xoxox - Lily Bean


  1. where are places like this near me! AHHHH!

    Okay, to be fair Philly does have a nice fabric district- I'm just too lazy to haul my cookies all the way down there. ^_^ a 99c fabric bin sounds awesome though.

  2. lol, i cant wait to visit SoCal and go to downtown LA's fabric district...
    i guess that store is cool because its fairly close to a border crossing and when competing with mexico's prices you get a 99c bin lol. i must say i was very suprised to find jersey knit in there.