Monday, May 16, 2011

retro style hostess apron

i joined another swap a few weeks ago. today my partner and i both received our things. it was a fabric scavenger hunt and 1 item needed to be crafted. so i made her a retro style hostess apron.

i loooove it and want to make one for myself. whenever i do i will make a tutorial for you all

which reminds me i still need to make another tank dress so i can make a tutorial as promised. i picked the tank top to use yesterday so i should be getting to that soon.
i start school in 2 weeks (ugh!) so i am really in crunch time here for projects that i want to do before.
- a new tank dress
- a puppy bed (i get my baby black lab, Penelope, in 2 weeks)
- a tie for my dad for fathers day (i hope he doesnt read this blog... i dont think he does lol. daddy if you see this act suprised okay)
- a bag for my friends birthday (which is 5 months over due... =/ i am terrible)
- hopefully another dress or 2

sheesh! guess i better stop blogging and start sewing lol

once summer session starts i will be MIA for 6 weeks in a crash biology course. i have no idea when i am going to hower eat and sleep but itlll only be 6 weeks so i am sure ill get through. once fall starts i should be back to normal with a more spread out school schedule.

i spent some time this weekend cleaning out my closet. i will be donating a lot of clothes because i no longer want to wear much of my purchsed items. i am always going straight for my home made clothes. making plenty of room for more to be made =D

have a splendid night!
-Lily Bean

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