Wednesday, May 4, 2011

nothing but love from my bempa

so my grandpa from my mom's side is the absolute love of my life... no matter what i have done of where i have gone, he is the one person who has never given up on me!

i gave him a call yesterday and he gave me the cutest little pep talk...
he told me it is now time to challenge myself. it is time to make a dress

i told him i have all the supplies but i am terrified. i know i will mess up and i am already discouraged.

he reminded me that the only way i will learn is by messing up. he believes in me more than anyone!

now that i have my June challenge involving wearing my own dress creations just around the corner and the absolute need to make bempa proud it is time to make a dress

i am still scared and i still know i will mess up... but i know in the end, when all is said and done, i will have an amazing dress that i love and can once again make my bempa a proud grandpa

sew tonight i ironed my 5 yards of fabric and starting writing down measurements... i have some patterns but i would like to see if i can find a tutorial or draft my own pattern first

im off to search and maybe get to bed on time tonight

i will keep you posted on my progress
wish me luck

-Lily Bean


  1. 1. lily bean must be the cutest name.
    2. That is amazing that your grandfather supports you like that. Both sets of my grandparents want me to give up sewing entirely and shop at the GAP. (So I can find a man, because apparently men don't like women who dress like me)
    3. You will rock the dress, darlin'. I know it.

  2. awww meg you are so sweet
    i made up the name Lily Bean... my real name is Christina but I don't feel it suits me and have always gone by nicknames =P (kinda like stargirl... hav eyou read that?) Sorry to hear about your grandparents lack of support. =(
    i think i found a tutorial that i can work with easy for a first timer